Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday - Another Cold, Windy, Rainy, Miserable Day!

Ken had another rough night of sleep, getting awake at 4 and up by 5.  I slept well and only appeared around 7:15.  After a light breakfast, we got ready for the day and then spent time coordinating our schedules.  We put appointments, etc. on our phones and sync them, but I also like to have a paper calendar that I can look out when necessary!  

I got a call from my Dr.'s office with the report from my stress test and all is well!  The nurse said my heart was terrific and they found absolutely nothing that was abnormal but extremely healthy - YEAH!  Made my day!!!  Maybe the next time I need a test I won't get so stressed about it!  I doubt it!!!

By 10:15 we headed to the Church of the Brethren here in Lititz to drive for Meals on Wheels.  We did the Rothsville route which we had never done before and met some very nice people.  When we were finished delivering the meals, Ken dropped me off at the house and I drove to Ephrata for the 11:30 women's card club.  I hadn't been there since November, so it was nice to see all the ladies again.   We had a good time playing double deck Pinochle and eating the delicious snacks.

I was back home by 3:45 and Ken had spent most of the time at his desk and on the computer.  He also took an hour walk between the raindrops.  I decided to write some notes to several friends and then put addresses and phone numbers in an address book I purchased quite a long time ago so the info would be handy when we travel.  While I worked on this blog, Ken went through the photos on his camera, deleting lots of them, and then grilled chicken for dinner. 

After dinner, we played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot and Ken is losing by quite a large margin.  I better "let up" or he soon won't play!  I talked to Noela and they are having very cold, ugly weather!  This week will be a rainy, dreary one for them, sort of like we are having here in PA!

I also talked to Melissa to see how Chuck is doing since his shoulder surgery last Thursday.  It will be a slow process, but all is going well and as expected!  Ken did some reading and I finished these blogs while watching The Voice.

Went to bed at 10.  Tomorrow is going to be another cold day.

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