Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday - ANOTHER Damp, Cool, Dreary Day!

I was up at 5:30 to got ready to meet my Curvette ladies for breakfast.  Ken had been awake for about 1 1/2 hours during the night, so I had to wake him when I was ready to leave at 6:30 - his request!

It was fun to have breakfast with my friends and we had a good time laughing and sharing stories.  We left a little before 8 and I met Ken at our local Honda repair shop so we could leave the CRV there to get inspected.

When we got home, I cleaned-up my office space and then worked on my blog.  I then did my devotions that I didn't have time to do before I left for breakfast!  I left again for my 10 AM Dr. appt. in Ephrata.  All my blood work was great but she is scheduling me for a stress test since I mentioned that I have some chest pain and tingles in my arm.  We both feel it is probably nothing but muscular aches since there is no family history of heart problems and scoliosis can affect breathing, but better to be safe than sorry!   I will have that next Thursday. I am also going to see an orthopedist that specializes in the back and neck to see what he would recommend for my ongoing scoliosis issues.  I probably won't be able to see that Dr. for a month or so!

Upon my return, we ate lunch and then I did some rock painting while Ken went through lots of "stuff" in his desk and closet.  He was in a "throw away" mode and that was good!  Amazing what you save and wonder why?????

We went to pick up the finished CRV which needed new brakes and rotors on all the wheels - a rather "hefty" bill.  The car has 75,000 miles so it was time for new ones!  It was still cloudy and damp, but had warmed to the low 50's, so we went for a walk.  I am still not very comfortable in my SAS, but I need to get "used to it" all over again, since I hadn't worn it for such a long time and my body is not happy with the position it wants me to be in!

After dinner, we decided to go to Linden Hall, a local girls boarding school, to attend the play they were performing, but when we got there the tickets had all been sold.  So we went to Red Box and rented the movie, "Wonder".  Both of us enjoyed the story and could understand how tough it would be for children and their parents to deal with their disabilities.  The hurt they feel would be so difficult!

We went right to bed at the end of the movie.  It has been a relaxing afternoon and evening!  Did get a message from Ernie and Noela that they planned to arrive back home in Canada today.  

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