Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday - What a Gorgeous Day!

Ken did some early morning reading while I did my stretches and some additional set-up for card club at our house this evening.  We made omelettes for breakfast and by 9:45 we were on our way to Jamie's for our "Easter" picnic, because our family still hadn't gotten together to celebrate Easter!

It was a beautiful, warm (almost hot) day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80's, perfect for a picnic.  Lanie usually hosts Easter, but because of all their family flu, Katelyn having to go to the Emergency Room on Wednesday night and Lanie having many responsibilities at the school on Thursday and Friday, Jamie graciously volunteered to have it at their house.  We ordered pizza and Jamie provided drinks and we all provided some snacks.

These turtles decided to get in on the action, but they
appeared a bit bored by it all!!

Some swinging and dancing on the wall!

Our pride and joy!!

Katelyn's face is healing but it looks rather painful!
 There were several games of Kubb -
Time for a Kubb game and Samantha
takes it rather seriously!

Bob is "all in"!  What form!!!

It was Bob and the girls against the other adults!

The moms enjoyed watching the action!
....and then it was time to eat -

The girls enjoyed having a picnic in the front yard away
from the adults!

We were all there around 10 and spent the entire day outdoors.  We celebrated Bob's birthday which was the end of March and also Katelyn's which is April 21.  

The girls also got their "belated" Easter baskets and had fun breaking the bunny pinata. 

Stand back, it is Katelyn's turn....

next Samantha....

then Bria.....

and finally Cali.

Hey, wait a minute!  What is happening??

Bob decided he should take a turn and look at the candy

I think they are already enjoying the candy!

The two 9 year old cousins!

I had painted rocks from Florida with designs
that I thought the girls would like.  They were
a hit!

I was surprised at some of the ones they chose, but thrilled at how
excited they were to get them!

The granddaughters had a great time kayaking in the creek behind Jamie's house.  They were told not to go in the water (cold and dirty), but of course someone fell overboard and the other 3 had to come to the rescue!  They had so much fun.

A friend of Bria and Cali's that lives across the creek joined them!

We were waiting to see who would be the 1st to "fall" into
the water!

Samantha "needed rescued" or so they thought!

Ken and I left at 4:45 to head home for 15 minutes to put out the "treats" for the evening before meeting our card club at a Mexican Restaurant here in Lititz at 5:30.  Back to our house for a fun evening of 6 handed Haus.  The "party" ended around 10:45 and Ken and I cleaned up and did the dishes.  By 11:30 we were in bed.  It was a very busy, but phenomenal day!

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