Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday - Milder and Mostly Sunny

Ken left by 7:30 to have breakfast with his friend, Gary.  I worked on the blog, did my stretches, and left a message for Melissa and Chuck to let them know we were thinking about them as he has his shoulder surgery this morning.

I left by 9:30 to go to Ephrata Hospital for my scheduled Stress Test and Echo Cardiogram.  I am not proud to admit this, but I really struggle with my emotions and that amount I worry whenever I have to undergo any kind of medical testing.  I tend to go to the worst case scenario before I have any information and it is easily detected by my blood pressure when I get to the testing location.  Like I said, I am not proud of myself and try so hard to talk to myself and relax, but it just doesn't happen.  Enough said, the test went well and I was able to stay on the treadmill as long as they had hoped.  I was concerned that my scoliosis issues could effect my ability to walk, but it wasn't a problem at all, probably because of the soft service you walk on.

I did talk to Jamie, who just wanted to wish me well on my test, and then to Lanie to see how Katelyn was doing this morning.  She was staying home from school so Lanie could monitor her and also because Katelyn said she looked "hideous"!  The open cuts had scabbed over during the night and she said she was fairly pain free!  Yeah!

I got back home at 11:15 and after some chatting and eating a light lunch we were off to spend the afternoon card playing with my parents!  It was a fun afternoon and per usual, they were so glad to have us there.  We ended the afternoon in a tie with each of us winning 2 games.

By the time we left, I was extremely tired.  We noticed a funny noise when we went to stop in the CRV that sounded like something rubbing.  We called our garage man, Marty, and he said we should check the lug nuts on the tires.  So we stopped and Ken found all of them to be tight.  Ken decided to drop me off at the apartment and he drove right over to Marty's to see what was going on.  Just last Friday he had replaced all the brakes and rotors.  After test driving it, Marty removed the "stuff" on the left front tire but when he tested it again, the noise was still there.  So, he removed all the "stuff" on the right front tire, test drove it, and bingo, the noise was gone.  Apparently there was a faulty new rotor.

Ken called me on his way home (1 1/2 hours later), and he woke me.  I had napped the whole time he was gone, which is such an unusual thing for me to do, sleep during the day.  I guess the stress test had "wiped me out"!

I did check in with Melissa and Chuck is doing well following his shoulder surgery earlier today.  They were home before lunchtime and so far he is relatively pain free, but that was because the "block" from surgery was still working.  

We had leftovers for dinner and then Ken did some reading while I crocheted and watched Grey's Anatomy.  By 9:30 we were in bed to do some additional reading.  

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