Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday - Off to Chesapeake Bay RV Resort at Gloucester, VA

I woke to the 3 AM alarm and was amazed that I got ready before Ken even knew I had gotten out of bed.  We were able to take all the remaining few items to Wilbur when we headed to leave.  By 3:45 we left the driveway and were on our way for a 9 day camping adventure with John and Cindy.

There was plenty of traffic around Baltimore and DC but very manageable.  We always stop at the Rutter's in York right before we get on I-83 no matter where we are going - Florida, VA, etc. to get coffee and hot chocolate.  Later, we stopped around 7 to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Denny's, another stop that  has become a tradition whenever we go to this CG.  There is a shopping area behind the restaurant so parking is readily available for Wilbur.  We also got gas and I bought a ball (for my stretches) at a Dollar Tree along the way.

We arrived at the CG shortly after 10 and Cindy and John were on the pickleball courts playing with other campers.  The site we had been on last year was available, but it was quite a "hike" from where John and Cindy set-up.  So, we picked a nice site in the same section where they are camped.

Ken began his work outside by de-winterizing Wilbur and then hooking up to water, electric and sewer.  I spent my time indoors getting us organized and everything in its proper place.  Cindy and John stopped by to welcome us and chat for just a short time.  After Ken and I ate lunch, we both were exhausted and decided to take naps.  Actually it was hard to even finish eating we were so tired.  I am not a nap taker and I slept for 2 hours - WOW!  Last night I slept very poorly and probably only had a couple hours of sleep!  I guess I was excited to head out of town!

We walked over to John and Cindy and spent about 2 hours chatting.  Back to Wilbur to get things ready for dinner.  Ken grilled chicken and salmon and then we took our meat and salads over to their site to have dinner together.  They had grilled pork medallions and had plenty for me as well, so I saved my chicken for tomorrow night.  Cindy had also made some delicious cauliflower with a cheese sauce and then served pound cake with strawberries and blueberries (we had provided some of the berries!).  

After going back to Wilbur to do the dishes, the 4 of us played Skip-Bo (men won) and Pinochle, which the women won.  It was a very nice evening to play outdoors at their site.  What a fun time and the adventure has just begun!

Today's weather was mostly overcasted, but the sun came out early evening.  It was hot and rather humid and we did have a few showers off and on.  Looks like a hot one tomorrow! 

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