Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Beautiful Day!

After another good night's sleep (hallelujah) we were up and about by 7:30.  We got ready to play pickleball, ate breakfast, and were on the courts by 9:00. Unfortunately no one else showed up to play.  Denise and Holly and her boys had left the CG yesterday so that really limited the number of players in the CG. Ken and I played some points and practiced hitting and serving, but after 1/2 hour we decided to stop and take a long walk around the CG.  It was a gorgeous morning with early temperatures around 61, but it warmed up quickly.

On the way back to Waldo we saw James and he said they would have played pickleball this morning but they thought we were leaving to go see my parents. They didn't realize we weren't leaving until after lunch.  So, the 4 of us will meet on the courts at 9 tomorrow morning!

After eating lunch outside, we headed to Masonic Homes and played Pinochle with my parents from 1 to 4:30.  Not a good day for the women - we lost all 4 games.  Some were close, but still we weren't able to beat the men!  But Mom did treat us to delicious whoopie pies from Eli's Amish Market - so good!  (You know what we are talking about, Chuck and Melissa!)

We were back to Waldo by 5, had salads for dinner and watched the news.  This was the 1st night we could actually get decent TV reception at the CG.  At 7 we left for The Jigger Shoppe in Mt. Gretna for a delicious ice cream treat.  We invited our new neighbors, Larry and Doris from Arizona to go with us and they were happy to go along.  Ken and I shared their Chocolate Marshmallow Sundae!  (Remember that special treat, Chuck and Melissa?)  After chatting for awhile at the Jigger Shoppe we took a short walk around some of the cottages in Mt. Gretna. It was a gorgeous evening for a walk and they thought it was a fascinating place.

We were back to the CG around 10 and called it a day.  

We did talk to Jamie 2X's today to get an update on their puppy, Lulu.  Dane and Jamie actually had a face to face meeting with one of the vets at the Emergency Animal Center where Lula is really not improving.  She hasn't eaten for 1 week.  They are now suggesting that she may require a feeding tube. Unfortunately Jamie and Dane are so confused about what they should do. They have decided to wait for the feeding tube and the hospital staff will give her some new drugs to coat her stomach and increase her appetite.  If that doesn't work, Jamie and Dane will have to make a decision about the feeding tube.  It is such a tough time for their family.

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