Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bria and Cali Arrive!

Ken and I were up on Tuesday morning by 7 and because we couldn't get any channels on TV and the Canada Geese seemed to love pooping on our site, we decided to see if anything had become available on the hill.  The 3 sites that are our favorite were still occupied, but there was an empty site in the middle row. So, we decided to make the move.  By 8:45 we were in our new site but not set-up.   Ken stayed and worked inside and out while I drove about 20 minutes from the CG to meet Jamie and bring Bria and Cali back to the CG.

It is amazing how quickly Waldo can feel small and crowded when you add two additional campers and all their "gear"!  We sat outside Apples to Apples Disney Edition and 2 games of Racko with the girls before Cindy and John arrived. Then the 6 of us played 2 games of Skip-Bo.  Bria and Cali play that game so well and understand the strategy even when playing as teams.  We had a lot of fun!

We ate lunch and then I loaded some free games for the girls on my new Galaxy Pad that Ken bought me for my birthday - what a guy!  We also added a couple new ones to PaPa's I-Pad.  

Before swimming, the 4 of us played mini golf on the CG's challenging course. We were at the pool from 2 to 4, for it was another very hot and humid day. PaPa does a great job playing with the girls in the pool.  We got ice cream at the camp store and then PaPa took Bria and Cali to play in the creek while I went back to Waldo to shower and get organized for dinner.

We had hot dogs, corn on the cob and salads and it was a great evening to eat outside.  The girls had brought the movie, "Miracles from Heaven" with Jennifer Garner because they were sure it would make PaPa cry!  We watched half of it before going to Cindy and John's site to make s'mores on their campfire.  John's son, Dustin, and his wife and 2 daughters (11 and 5) were there and the girls were staying overnight.  Bria was excited to have someone close to her age to play with.

After delicious s'mores, we went back to Waldo to watch the end of the movie. It really is a great movie that I would highly recommend, but it is a "tear jerker" at certain parts.  Lights out by 9:45 and what a fun 1st day with Bria and Cali!

Don't know why, but we had no pictures to post.  We must do better tomorrow!

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