Friday, August 12, 2016

Our Last Full Day at Bethany Beach for 2016!

After a rather restless night, we were up early.  We had decided to go the beach early today since it was the last day to play in the ocean.

All of the ladies did some packing for tomorrow's departure and then the 10 of us were on the beach at Delaware State Park at Indian River Inlet by 9.  It was a perfect day on the beach and the waves were just the right size for jumping and diving through them. We were probably in the water with the little ones three or four different times enjoying those activities. 

What a great photo PaPa took!

 In between the swim time, the granddaughters were busy playing in the sand. 

PaPa enjoyed sitting in the "swimming hole"!

Lanie and Bob supervised the castle building at the water's edge!

We were back to the condo by 12:30 and had lunch.  More packing took place before the 10 of us went to the indoor pool.  Some of the group was "sunned out" and wanted to be indoors.  By 3:30 everyone had returned to the condo, showered, laundry started, and more packing was underway.  

PaPa does such a great job playing with the girls and they
love him so much!

Poor PaPa!

Hey, this is a heavy load!

Ken and I love watching the cousins having
so much fun together!

Samantha and Katelyn love their Uncle Dane!

Okay, the old folks needed a "time out" in the hot tub!!!

Love these happy faces!

Wonder what Dane is contemplating????

PaPa looks like he might need a nap or at least a "break"!

Dane and Bob left to do some errands and pick up take-out for dinner.  Ken and I decided to eat the delicious leftovers that were in the refrigerator.  Ken, Lanie, Jamie and I did find time to play 2 additional card games before the "boys" returned with dinner.  While finishing my dinner, I noticed that I was the only 1 still sitting at the table.  What was going on???  Before long the Happy Birthday singing began and a cake with candles appeared!  How sweet!  Bria, Cali, Samantha, and Katelyn were so excited to be part of the celebration! 

The best way to celebrate my birthday is with my family....

....and I can always use some help blowing out the candles!

The little gals were in bed by 8 so there was time for the adults to watch the Olympics while playing 2 games of Skip-Bo.  It was a great last family night of our beach vacation for 2016!!   

New Memories Were Made Daily!

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  1. Happy birthday to you! Happy all the days to you!