Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fun at the CG and Then Family Picnic at Masonic Homes!

Samantha was awake at 6 and was very quiet and played an app. on my new tablet until 7.  Then Katelyn woke up and the 2 of them came to our room.  We were actually awake when they appeared!  They enjoyed playing the new games we had put on our tablets!

Samantha and Katelyn did so well playing together!

Ken and I got ready and then made the "expected" breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit!  Katelyn, with some prodding, decided to try fresh peaches and discovered she loved them.  Samantha took a small bite but she wasn't "sold" on them!  We ate breakfast outside and then while Ken and I cleaned up, the girls enjoyed playing outdoors.  When it was snack time guess what Katelyn wanted?  Peaches!  Wow!!!

Ken and I played 5 games of Racko with Samantha and Katelyn at the picnic table, each of us helping them play each other.  They did very well and we had a good time.  

By 11 we were finished playing and it was time to change and pack the car for going to the Althouse family picnic at Masonic Homes.  We had it at that location so Dad and Mom were able to be a part of it.  We left the CG at 11:30 and stopped to get drinks for Ken, Dad, Mom, and me.  By 12:15 we were at Masonic Village. Our whole family attended and we had such a good time. Cindy and I had decided to make it simple and bought pizza from Papa Johns and had the rest of the families bring a snack and a "finger food" dessert.  It worked out well and we had plenty of food! 

Ken, Samantha, Katelyn and I arrived first. They would go home
with Lanie and Bob after the picnic! 

Here come Dad and Mom and the girls and Cooper ran to
greet them.

Everyone was smiling!

Here's the whole Althouse Clan minus the photographer, Ken
and Jamie's family, who hadn't arrived yet!

Jack, who is being held by his Aunt Arlena, is the newest
member of the Althouse family and Cindy/s youngest grandchild!

Hard for me to imagine that my Dad is 92 and Mom is 86 1/2.

We heard bagpipe music in the distance and Mom really wanted
to see who was playing and where!

All of us enjoyed the bagpipe music including the little ones!

Bob and Dane had a lengthy conversation with Dad!

Jamie's family arrived about an hour late because they had to take Lulu, their puppy, to the vet again.  They had her there on Thursday after many hours of what they thought was an intestinal "bug".  After being on medicine and getting several shots, she was not any better on Saturday morning.  She is one very sick puppy and had to stay at the vet.  After some x-rays, they are concerned that she could have a bowel blockage, but they will know more on Sunday morning.

We played lots of games at the picnic including can jam, ladder golf, and corn hole.  It was a very hot day, but we had the picnic in the grove area where there was plenty of shade and a slight breeze.  All the little ones had fun running around the large area and enjoying being with their cousins.  Dad said he had been excited about this day and was so glad it was such a success.  Both dad and mom enjoy being with their family and since dad is not able to go anywhere without having a special equipped van, we brought the picnic to them.  It worked out better than we could have imagined and the weather was so cooperative!

Corn hole was the main competitive game at this picnic!
Dane and Jamie were the champs!

Bria liked holding her youngest cousin, Jack.  She is becoming
such a little lady!

The picnic ended around 5:15 and Ken and I decided to go to LCBC near Mt. Joy for their 6:15 church service.  It was another inspiring message.  We were back to the CG  by 7:45 and feeling rather exhausted.  We sat outside chatting and checking messages and by 9 we were in bed.  

It has been a busy but fun filled last 5 days and these 2 people needed some rest and relaxation.  But, we wouldn't change anything about these times with our families and granddaughters!  It has been amazing and filled with special moments that will create lasting memories!

We are Celebrating Life Daily!

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