Saturday, August 13, 2016

Homeward Bound!

One Saturday, we were all up by 6:30, finished packing, and loaded the cars.  Lanie and family were on their way in 2 cars by 7, Jamie and family by 7:45 and we were leaving Bethany Beach by 8:10 after dropping off the key at the Realty Office.  Jamie's family went to The Peninsula near Rehobeth Beach to stay overnight with Dane's parents at their new beach house, heading home tomorrow.

Ken and I got back to Lititz around 12:15 after stopping at Costco in Christiana and at WaWa for a breakfast sandwich.  We unloaded and unpacked but kept some things in the CRV to load in Waldo when we bring him home for our camping trip to Hershey Preserve on Tuesday morning.  No grass grows under our feet!   We will have our grandaughters for 3 of those days!  Ken spent time at his desk paying bills while I put things away and did a load of wash.  

Both of us were tired, so we rested for about an hour.  A little after 5 we drove to Ephrata to go to dinner and play cards with our couples card club.  We ate at a new restaurant for Ken and me, La Catina.  The food was delicious and we got to see Sandy and Tom Martin.  She used to work with our Real Estate Team.  So good to see them, for it had been years!

Back to Reddig's house to play cards.  It was a fun evening.  We only got home around midnight, too late for these old folks.

Today, Sunday, we went to church and then had about 1 1/4 hours before our small group was going to go to breakfast.  So, Ken and I drove to the storage area for Waldo and I followed Ken back to the apartment.  Makes me smile to see Waldo parked in the apartment parking lot!

We were at the restaurant by 11:30 and 8 of us had a wonderful time together. Rick and Joyce just signed a contract to purchase a home in Venice, Florida and they will settle by the beginning of October.  That makes 4 couples from our Small Life Group that will be spending most of Jan., Feb. and March near Venice in Florida.  That is amazing!  Deb and Lloyd have a house in Florida which is about 4 1/2 miles from Rick and Joyce.  We will be camping about 20 minutes from both of them for the winter!

We stopped at Jamie's to drop of her cooler and were home by 2.  I spent the afternoon updating this blog and downloading photos.  Ken was at his desk again just making sure everything was in order with bills, etc.  

Ken took a walk before dinner, but cut it a bit short due to temperatures in the 90's with extremely high humidity!  After dinner we spent time watching the Olympics!

It was nice to have a rather uneventful day!  We needed some "down time"!

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