Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Relaxing Day for Us!

Poor Ken!  He was so tired last evening, but he certainly had a restless night!  He read in bed during the night and then got awake at 5 and went to the LR of Waldo.  No more sleep for him!  It was a rather short night!

I only got out of bed around 7:30 and he was outside reading.  Ken had a cup of tea while I enjoyed chai and we were able to sit outside chatting and reflecting on the days with our granddaughters.  It was a special time!  Hard to imagine that we had no schedule today!  We had gone to church last night so we didn't have to rise early and could just relax!  It worked for me!

After about an hour, Ken prepped fruit while I made us omelettes and we ate outside.  They were predicting some thunderstorms late morning, so we took a walk around the campground and returned to Waldo just when the showers began.  We did our breakfast dishes and I started downloading photos and working on our blog.

By then, it really started to rain heavily.  Fortunately we did not experience any thunder, lightning, strong winds, or hail.  It rained off and on till about 4:30. Hopefully by tomorrow morning it will be a bit cooler with lower humidity!  

We received a message from Jamie regarding their puppy, Lulu.  She was not doing well.  The vet gave her some very strong medicine to try to control her vomiting so Jamie and Dane could take her to an Emergency Center where they could do an ultrasound.  Poor Lula vomited 2X's on the way even on the strong medication.  After the ultrasound, they still could not determine what is wrong. They did another ultrasound this evening, and they are waiting for the results. The vet reiterated how strange her case is and they truly aren't sure what is going on.  Waiting to hear more!

I spent most of the afternoon going through the albums on our computer trying to decide what pictures to order for our photo frames in Waldo and at home.  It's quite a job.

After dinner, Ken and I drove to the Tabernacle in Mt. Gretna to hear a concert by the talented Susquehanna Chorale.  They were amazing!  One of our classmates from High School, Lamar Dourte, sings in the 32 member choir.  We had a nice visit with him after the concert!  We arrived back at the CG at 9:15.  

We were in bed by 10!  It certainly was a slow down day!!!!

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  1. Lamar was my neighbor? On Landisville road - has one daughter Scott's age?