Monday, August 1, 2016

So Hard to Say Good-bye to Chuck and Melissa!

Ken and I were up by 6:45 and continued the task of getting ready for this morning's departure.  Chuck and Melissa stopped by at 7:45 and we said our tearful goodbyes.  Hopefully we will see them again in the near future, for we always have such wonderful and memorable times when we are with them.

They hooked-up their CRV in the parking lot near the pool and as they were pulling out, Ken and I were standing at the top of the hill and the 4 of us did our final waves good-bye for this trip.  

Ken and I left the CG at 8:45 and he followed me to Lititz, only about a 35 minute drive.  The CRV was "packed full" and it took a little time to get in unloaded. Then we filled the car again with additional things that needed to "leave" Waldo.  Ken finished the unloading while I put everything in its proper place.

It started to rain around noon so we went out to Waldo to close windows, put in the awning and then it started to pour.  I had time to clean the refrigerator while we were waiting for the rain to slow down.  After lunch Ken took a short nap while I finished 2 loads of wash and recorded all of our expenses in our budget program.  Ken did some work on the computer including paying bills and then sorting through our mail.

Ken left for Celebrate Recovery at 6:15 and I spent the evening creating some digital scrapbook pages for Bria, Cali, Sam, and Katelyn highlighting our camping trips with them.  Also talked to my mother and they are doing great! Ken was home by 9:30 and had a great meeting.  He met a gentleman who works with Nomads, a mission outreach ministry of the United Methodists.  The Nomads program is specific to individuals and couples with RVs wishing to be involved in Christian service. Nomads projects include working at churches, church camps, homeless shelters, children's homes, mission agencies and disaster agencies.  The amazing part of this story is Ken had put on his tablet "to do list" for tomorrow to research and try to find a Christian organization that we could possibly get involved with.  We know this isn't just a coincident!

We were in bed by 10:30 and did some reading!  It was a busy day!

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