Saturday, August 27, 2016

Our Final Day at Hershey Preserve and then Back to Lititz!

Ken and I were up at 7 because we had plans to be on the pickleball court with James and Brenda by 8:30.  We wanted to start earlier today because we were heading home before lunch!  

We cooked breakfast and did some additional preparation for going home.  By the time we left for the courts, we were just about ready for heading home, except for disconnecting.  We had more great games and volleys in the games we played.  It was so much fun.  We really enjoyed our time of playing pickleball with James and Brenda.  So nice to rekindle friendships with camping folks that you met previously in other campgrounds throughout the states.  It is amazing to me how often you cross paths when you are "on the road"! 

Our friends from Florida, James and Brenda!

It is so special to rekindle friendships with fellow campers you
have met during your travels!

Part way through our playing time, Larry and Doris honked and waved as they were driving out of the CG.  We were sorry we didn't get to say good-bye!

After hugs and photos with James and Brenda, we went back to Waldo and left the CG by noon.  Ken followed me home.  We were parked and unloaded in record time!  Bringing things home yesterday was such a help.  Food in the refrigerator and freezer was the only thing that we had to unload from Waldo - Wow!

I had a text message from Doris that they had driven through Lititz, had lunch here and they were "jealous" of the cute little town we called home.  So I text her back and ask where they were and would they like to stop by the apartment to visit on their way back to the CG.  Happily, they took us up on our offer and spent about an hour visiting.  We were so glad we could see them and say our good-byes face to face before they leave the area tomorrow.  We are hoping to visit them when we are in Phoenix in November.

 We greatly appreciated meeting and spending time
 with the 3 Piggs (yes, that is their last name!) 

We are excited to hopefully visit them in about 2 1/2 months
in Phoenix!  We can learn so much from fellow campers!

Ken and I decided to go to The Deck in Ephrata for dinner and enjoy eating their delicious food on their large deck.  It was a very enjoyable time for us.  By about  8:30 all the wash was finished, folded and in it's place.  It has been one very busy and "full" day, but so wonderful!

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