Monday, August 22, 2016

Got To Play Pickleball!

Ken had another restless night.  He read during the night and was up very early.  Not sure why he is having such "short" nights!

I was up by 7:30 and we worked together to prepare breakfast.  Then we got ready to play pickleball.

We arrived at the courts at 9 and it was a positively beautiful morning.  Lots of sunshine, very low humidity and the temperature was about 70 degrees. Amazing!  Upon arrival, we realized we knew James and Brenda who were there.  We had met them on the pickleball court at TT in Orlando in the fall about 2 years ago.  I recognized them because the always were the same colors in their outfits.  Even their shoes match!  We enjoyed connecting with them again.  Denise was there too, so the 4 of us took turns playing.  We had some very good games.  Ken played well considering that the old glasses he has to wear since losing his in the ocean are about 2 prescriptions behind what he needs.

We only left the courts around noon and made lunch.  Ken did some work on the computer while I downloaded some photos to order from Costco.  He left at 2:30 to pick up his new glasses (yeah!), get a few groceries, and stop by the apartment to get our mail.  While he was gone I ordered photos from Costco and completed the camping scrapbook pages for our granddaughters from our trips in 2015 and ordered them too.  (I was only a little behind!)  So glad to have that projected completed.  Now I just have to do the pages for our 2 camping trips with them this year!

Ken was back by 5 and left again at 6 to go to Celebrate Recovery.  I spent the evening working on the blog and finishing the ordering of photos from Costco. That was an all afternoon and part of the evening project!

Ken was back by 9:15 and by then I was playing games on the computer.

An update on Lulu, Jamie's family puppy.  Late last evening they finally got a diagnosis - she has parvovirus.  It is a very serious puppy virus that is extremely contagious among dogs.  They put her in isolation and started treating her very aggressively.  There is an 80% chance she will not be able to fight the sickness.  Needless to say, the family is very upset.  This morning she had not improved but they had made her more comfortable.  The vet said it will be a few days before they know if she will make it.  She is still getting sick despite all the strong medication she is receiving.  Obviously this is becoming a very expensive process for Jamie and Dane.  Please be in prayer for the family that they can be at peace with the outcome of this situation or have guidance in making the right decisions.

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