Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So Much Accomplished Today!

Ken and I began the morning enjoying retired life to the "hilt"!  Ken was up at 6 and had an hour to read and watch the news before I showed my face at 7:30. He had already cut-up fresh fruit and started cooking breakfast - what a guy! We ate breakfast on our deck reading the paper and discussing current events. Wow, it is so nice to be retired!!!!

We went to Jamie's by 10 to get haircuts.  When we arrived Lulu greeted us at the door.  She had much more energy than either of us expected.  She went up and down the stairs, gave kisses, and laid on her back to get her belly rubbed all the while her tail wagging like crazy!  It was amazing!  Ken got a haircut 1st and then he went to a local farm market to get fruits and veggies while Jamie cut my hair.  By the time we left around 11:45, Lulu had eaten about 2 cups of hamburg and rice and drank some water and she was able to keep it down. Hard to imagine how close to dying she had been!  The hardest part is Bria's reaction to having her home and how some of the training that Lulu had before she got sick will need to be relearned. She wants to be close to Jamie all the time - it appears to be her "safe space"!

Lulu lost weight, but she is doing incredibly well!

Lulu positively loves Jamie!

Back to the apartment for lunch and then we spent a couple hours unloading everything out of the basement of Waldo and going through everything to decide what can be left a home, discarded, or needed for this trip.  We did a lot of repacking and moving bins from one area to another.  It was a successful reorganization!

Last evening when Ken was turning around at Cindy and John's he backed into a sign, but didn't think anything really happened.  It was a light tap! Today he discovered that the one post of the bike rack took the brunt of the hit and it bent it slightly backwards, causing the metal to almost "snap".  So, he went to a local farm that does welding and they fixed it on the spot and did a great job!  It took about 25 minutes and only charged Ken $15.00 - only in Lancaster County! After a meeting in Ephrata, Ken returned around 5:45.

While he was gone I did prep work for dinner, packed several bins with winter clothes that we will take on our west trip but keep underneath Waldo until we get to the colder weather.   I also loaded some additional clothes (probably way tooooo much!), refilled numerous bottles of detergents, shampoo, etc., and then packed paper goods.  I feel we have a great start on being ready for our trip.

After dinner we loaded the filled bins in Waldo and then Ken read while I worked on the blog and watched "America's Got Talent"!  The contestants are so amazing and oh so talented!!!

We were in bed by 10, tired but happy! 

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