Monday, August 8, 2016

A Gorgeous, Fun-Filled Beach Day!!!

Well, the gals slept in until 6:30 today and came to see Ken and I in our bedroom at 7.  So cute to see your 4 granddaughters 1st thing in the morning.

We all got ready, ate breakfast, and then the 9 of us were on our bikes to ride to the nature trail close to Bethany Lakes.  It was amazing to see all of us in a row riding along the road (actually on the sidewalk) to get on the trail.  2 years ago when we were here not all of them were even riding a 2 wheeler!  They all did extremely well, including 5 year old Katelyn, although she said her legs were very tired when we got back.  It was about a 2 mile ride!

Leaving Bethany Lakes and heading
to the Nature Trail!

It really is a nice ride and well-maintained trail!

The safe bikers!

We packed lunches and were on the beach by 10:30.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the waves were perfect.  Today was the 1st time the girls discovered how much they like being out farther from the shoreline and jumping and swimming with the waves with adult supervision.  (1 child for every adult)  They just didn't want to stop and they did get pushed into the water by waves several times.  PaPa and Lanie got knocked over too and the worst part was that PaPa lost his prescription bifocals.  We spent a lot of time walking some of the beach area looking for them and about 1/2 hour after he lost them, he saw them being turned up by a wave 2X's, but he  was unable to grab them.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have a spare pair with him, but fortunately my prescription is very similar so he will be wearing mine.

There was a lot of screams and shouting when they were
running away from the waves!

Bria is growing up so quickly!

Such a fun time!

It's a big one!  Run for your life!!!!!

It is so much fun watching these little ones enjoying
the beach together!

It's in my eyes!!!!!

We are getting a bit more daring!  Unfortunately I don't
have any photos of them out in the bigger waves with the

The girls were very disappointed when we left the beach around 2:30 but we were concerned that a "meltdown" could happen in the near future.  After showers, the girls relaxed and calmed down watching a movie while PaPa did some reading and I worked on this blog.  Bria and Katelyn actually fell asleep in the loft area watching a movie!

We had put chicken teriyaki meatballs in the crockpot before we left for the beach so that was our dinner along with more corn on the cob.  It is so nice to eat on the deck and not go out to dinner every night.  Dane even made some clams on the grill.  After dinner we rode our bikes about 1/2 mile down the road for some delicious ice cream.  It really was exceptional!

What a special picture of Samantha and Cali in the backyard
of our rented Condo!
After dinner it was another bike ride for ice cream!

Don't pass up having Woodside Farm Ice Cream!  It is
The girls were in bed by 8:30 and they were exhausted.  The 5 of us played several games of Skip-Bo while watching the Olympics!  It was a fun evening, but by 10:45 we called it a day.  

Another best day!!!!

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