Friday, August 26, 2016

Fun Days at Hershey Preserve!

Thursday was another beautiful weather day with a mix of sun and clouds and warmer temperatures.  A bit of humidity too!!!

After a cooked breakfast with lots of delicious fresh fruit, I sent an e-mail to our service rep, Samantha, at Lazydays to coordinate a service on Waldo we plan to have done at their "sister place" in Denver, Colorado.  We were on the pickleball courts by 9 and played with James and Brenda from 9:30 to 12 with some time out to chat.  It was a fun time!

After lunch at Waldo I had a nice phone chat with Doloris while they were on their way to Gettysburg Farm to camp for a long weekend.  Ken did some clean-up outside while I gave Waldo a thorough cleaning inside.

We met Dwane and Priscilla (Ken's sister and brother-in-law) at the Hideway in Mt. Gretna at 5.  What a gorgeous evening to eat outside on their large deck.  It was so nice to spend the evening "catching up" on each other's lives and the delicious food was a bonus!  We left there around 7:15 and they came back to the CG so we played 2 games of team Skip-Bo.  They had never seen Waldo and since I had cleaned today, it was a great day to have them take the "small" tour. We had a delightful evening and the men and women each won a game. They left at 10 and we were so glad they were willing to come to the CG after dinner.

Friday was a very hot, humid day with the temperature reaching 90!  We got up to a 5:30 alarm and were at Jamie's house by 6:45 so we could stay with Bria and Cali while Jamie and Dane went to pick up Lulu and take her back to their local veterinarian in Hinkletown.  They had decided not to do a feeding tube and since Lula appeared to be somewhat "stable" they could reduce her cost of care per day considerably by moving her.  They left at 7 and within 5 minutes both girls were up and wanted to watch a movie with us.  What a nice time.  Jamie and Dane returned by 8:45 and were visibly upset.  They tried to get her to eat (the Dr.'s suggestion), but Lulu had no interest. 

We were back at the CG by 9:45 and by 10 were on the pickleball court to play more games with James and Brenda.  By then it was so hot, but we still had a great time.

After lunch and showers, Ken and I loaded the CRV with things, food, and clothing we would not need until we got home.  We were at our apartment by 2:15 and unloaded the car and put everything in its place.  Then we went to Harbor Freight to buy an air compressor large enough to use on Waldo's tires and then to Costco to get Ken's second pair of glasses (sunglasses).  He needed to have a back-up pair.  

We were back to the CG by 4:45 and Ken built a campfire while I made salads. After dinner, Larry and Doris, who were camping in the site below us came up and sat at the picnic table with us for about 1 1/2 hours.  Doris and I chatted while Larry went over the itinerary for our west trip with Ken and added places we might want to see and roads we should or shouldn't drive with Waldo.  They live in Phoenix, so he was extremely helpful.  It was a nice evening!

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