Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Day of Mixed Activities!

It was a short night for the girls and they were all extremely tired when the day began.  It is a challenge for the 4 of them to sleep in the same room, for when one wakes up they are all awake.  Samantha and Katelyn are usually early risers, so it is tough for Bria and Cali.  They were in bed by 8 last night and that was a good thing!

Bria slept in a bit later this morning, but Cali, Samantha and Katelyn were in Lanie's room by 6 AM.  Hopefully today will not be a "meltdown" day.  Bob will be joining the family by lunch time and Samantha and Katelyn are very excited for their dad to arrive.

After breakfast, all of us went for another bike ride on the nature trail.  Katelyn was a bit hesitant to do the ride, but decided to give it another try.  She did very well considering it was a 3 mile ride, not 2.  She has to make so many move revolutions than the rest of us and her little legs get tired.  She was a trooper!

We returned to the Condo and Lanie and Jamie spent time coming up with a workable plan for the rest of the day.  They went to the grocery store because we decided to have taco night here.  Dane went for a swim as part of his training for his November Ironman and Ken went for a walk.  I was in charge of the children who were occupied watching a movie.  Tough job for Grandma!!!!!

Everyone returned and at 11:30 Bob arrived to join us for the rest of the week. We chatted, ate lunch and by 1:00 we were on the beach at Bethany.  It was crowded but we found parking spaces and an area close to the water to "park our gear".  The under tow and the waves were rough today, so we were unable to take the girls out in the deeper water.  Waves almost knocked you over near the shoreline.

The girls enjoyed the water and playing in the sand.  

Bria and Katelyn were having a fun time
running from the waves!

Katelyn was ready to make a sandcastle!

Our grown-up Bria!

Jamie, Dane, Lanie and Bob sitting where they could
watch the little ones!

Time to dig a big hole and place sand castle shapes around it!

Samantha discovered that a bucket full
of water is heavy!

The castle making brigade!

They were busy and took their job very seriously!

We left around 3:45 and headed back to the condo for much needed showers - we had sand everywhere!  

The girls played and the adults sat out back having some munchies and just talking.  We had tacos and quesadillas for dinner.  After cleaning up, we went back outside where the children played and we sat on the deck chatting.  We moved indoors at 7:30 so the girls could get ready for bed.  It was so cute - Bria, Cali, and Samantha each read a book to each other.  Wow, they are growing up!

What an adorable picture!

The adults enjoyed watching the Olympics - women's beach volleyball and swimming.  I also talked to my mother and both she and dad are doing very well.

At 10 we called it a day and went to bed.  It was another very sunny, hot, humid day.  This weather has been exceptional!

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