Friday, August 5, 2016

This Week Has "Flown By"

A brief review of what Ken and I did these last 3 days!

Very early Wednesday morning Cindy and I had fun texting back and forth. John and Cindy left at 3 AM to camp at Fort Lejuene in North Carolina.  At 3:07 AM she text me to say they didn't have the results of her medical test when she called the Dr.  I had asked her to call me a let me know and she had forgotten to do it before she left.  I had just gotten up to go to the bathroom, so I text her back and thanked her for the update and wished them "Happy Trails and safe travels".  I also mentioned why I was up.  Just when I got back into bed she texted me again and asked me what I was doing up at that time of day.  When I was getting ready to text her back, I got another text from her - "oh, I just read the "potty" part.

Ken went to the bike shop in the morning for a new bar to put on my bike when loading it on the bike rack and some new straps for the rack.  We spent the afternoon playing games with my parents at Masonic Village.  It was a fun afternoon.

Thursday Ken was home all day without a car because I met Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn in Reading and rode with them to Easton to the Crayola Crayon Experience.  What a great thing for children.  It is an older warehouse type building with 4 floors of so many wonderful activities for kids to do using markers, crayons, and clay plus a show telling how crayons are made and another one where you learn about Silly Putty. They stated making Crayola Crayons in 1903 with only 8 colors.  They are still made the same way but with more modern equipment! There are so many interactive things to do and everything is so well done!  We had such a fun time.  We were there from 10 to 2:30 and I was so glad Lanie invited me to go along.

The World's Largest Crayon!

This is the entrance to the building!

You get to pick 2 colored crayons and then
put them in to a melting pot that drops
a design on your paper!

They also have a play area that

...and Katelyn enjoyed!

Crayons everywhere!!!

Ken spent the morning working at his desk making appointments to have the car and Waldo inspected, Dr. appointments, etc.  He was a busy boy!  Then after lunch he decided to walk to the movie theater (about 3 miles each way).  I did pick him up about 4 blocks from our apartment when I got back to Lititz!.

Jamie's family is at the beach this week staying at Sue and Dan's new beach house near Rehobeth at the Peninsula.  Their friends were with them from Saturday till Tuesday and then it was just Jamie, Dane, Bria, Cali, and Lulu, their Berneise Mtn. Dog.  They are having a great time and Jamie and I had such a nice, long phone conversation!  So good to talk to her.

Today, Friday, was a crazy busy day.  I had an early breakfast with my Curvette ladies, then visited with my friend, Jackie, and was home in time for Ken to go for his annual blood test.  We did some packing and then headed to Costco.  How comes you always buy things you had no idea you needed until you get there!  It happens almost every time.

Ken deboned the rotisserie chicken while I went to ACE to get a few things we needed.  After lunch and the completion of 2 loads of wash, the packing for the beach began and then the loading of the car.  How can we possibly "need" so many things for 1 week????

After doing a little weeding around the apartment building we reserved another CG  for out west, made dinner, and then Ken went for a walk.  (I just didn't feel like it!)  Now we are watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  We plan to leave by 7:30 tomorrow morning for our week's vacation at Bethany Beach, Delaware with Lanie and Jamie and their families.  It will be a fun week!

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