Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Camping at Hershey Preserve!

I followed Waldo to Hershey Preserve in the CRV and we arrived there at 9:45 on Tuesday morning.  It was my 66th birthday and on the way to the CG I was serenaded by Bria and Cali singing Happy Birthday.  It was adorable.  (I watched while I was at a red light!)

The CG was very full for a Tuesday morning and we set-up on a site that was not our favorite.  We decided that we would move tomorrow morning if something on the hill became available.  John, my brother-in-law, stopped by to check on us.  They are camping here until Friday and we plan to spend time together.  At 10:30, Polly, one of my Curvette friends, surprised me by stopping in to bring me a birthday card and some delicious locally made gourmet popcorn.  What a sweetheart.  Throughout the day I was tagged on Facebook, sent some e-mails, was sung Happy Birthday by Samantha and Katelyn, got a phone message from my mother, and had a wonderful phone conversation along with some singing from Chuck and Melissa.  Thanks to everyone.  It was a very special day.

After setting up, we visited with Cindy and John and then Ken and I drove to Lancaster to renew my driver's license and get a new photo.  It would have been a relatively quick procedure, but somehow they had my wrong Social Security # and that caused quite a delay!  I was glad to be leaving there by 2 and we went to the nearby Subway for lunch - starved by now!  Then on to Dollar Tree and Costco. 

We were back to the CG by 4 and checked in with Cindy and John.  They came down to play games, but we ended up chatting until we left together to go to Dukes for dinner. Then back to their RV to play a new game that is like Up the River but a bit more challenging.  It was a fun evening and a great birthday celebration day! 

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