Friday, August 19, 2016

PaPa, Grandma, Samantha and Katelyn at Hershey Preserve Today!

Samantha and Katelyn came to our bed at 7, but they had been coloring in the LR from about 6:30.  We have a rule that they can only come to our room after 7 and they obey so well!

They finished watching the Cars Movie while PaPa and I prepped breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit again, their favorite breakfast.  Of course they had some dry Lucky Charms while watching the movie and waiting for their pancakes.  It was a beautiful morning, so we ate outside.  While I cleaned up, Ken played with the girls outside.  Samantha is getting very good at the toss and catch game.  Katelyn enjoyed being the ball "chaser" and then blowing bubbles. 

I must be getting better as a photographer!  Note the white
ball flying in the air!!!

Katelyn, the ball chaser, is ready for action!

Katelyn is ready for more action!!!

We all drove to Wal-Mart to get a few items for Waldo.  When we returned Ken was feeling exhausted so he did some relaxing.  After lunch, I took the girls to the pool while Ken took a much needed nap.  They were serving cotton candy at the pool, so Samantha and Katelyn enjoyed that special treat.  When PaPa arrived there was more swim time and then the girls shared a small ice cream cone.  What goes on at the campground stays at the campground!!!!

I came back to Waldo to make salads for dinner and to download photos.  When Ken and the girls returned it was shower time for everyone.  We did some playing outside and then Ken grilled and we had chicken, salmon, pork, salads and mac and cheese (again) for dinner.  Samantha and Katelyn cleared the table and Sam even dried some of the dishes.  

The girls enjoyed playing some games on the I-Pads while I worked on the blog and Ken did some reading.  Then we watched part of a movie before turning off the lights for Samantha and Katelyn at 9.  

It was a fun filled day with the girls and they were well behaved!

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