Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Family Vacation Has Begun!

Ken and I left home on Saturday morning around 7 and stopped at Perkins to share the Tremendous 12 breakfast.  Soon after getting onto Route 1, we got into stop and go traffic (mostly stop) and after checking Google Maps we discovered there was a major accident about 1 1/2 miles from our location. While stopped, Ken notice a little gal waving at him in the car stopped beside us - it was Samantha.  What are the odds of being stopped together when all we had determined was that we would arrive at our Condo at Bethany Beach between 11:30 and noon.   We were coming from different directions too!  It was amazing!

We arrived at the clubhouse at Bethany Lakes around 12:30, quite a long drive considering it should have taken about 3 1/2 hours, not 5 1/2.  Lanie, the girls, Ken and I swam at the pool until our condo was ready at 2.  Jamie and her family arrived at 3:15 after a 1 1/2 hour drive from Rehobeth Beach.  There was such heavy traffic going through that area for them and for us!

It took quite awhile to get everything unpacked and in its proper place.  Dane and Jamie picked up Grottoes Pizza and we had a great dinner on the deck.  We played some Racko and watched the Olympics but by 10 we were all tired and "went to our rooms".

Sunday was a beautiful beach day.  The little ones were awake before 6 and out of their room by 6:30.  After breakfast and packing lunches, we headed to the beach area at Delaware State Park at the Indian River Inlet.  

What a fun day at the beach.  The girls loved jumping the waves, looking for shells, playing in the sand, etc.  We were there 4 hours and everyone had such a good time.  It is amazing how they love the water.  We only sat in our chairs about 30 minutes to eat lunch.  All the rest of the time we were in the water.

Samantha, Cali and Katelyn really enjoyed playing together
in the sand!

Uncle Dane helped Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn with
the sand shoveling!

Time for a walk down the beach to find shells!

Don't you love their shell bucket and
shell bag???

Samantha and Katelyn were on a mission!

Bria is almost as tall as Grandma!

The girls enjoyed watching a retired gentleman make his
fancy sand sculptures!

We were back to the Condo by 2:30 and showers felt amazing.  The girls had so much sand in their suits that I think they brought half of the beach back with them.  They relaxed watching a movie and then we played Racko and the Disney Version of Apples to Apples.

The girls love playing Racko with Grandma and Katelyn
wants to be my partner!

All dressed up with no place to go!  We decided to stay
in for the evening!

We had fun playing Apples to Apples!

Samantha was a bit hesitant to play this new game, but
she enjoyed it!

I never realized how much Bria and Jamie look alike!

Love this photo of Cali.  I wonder what she is thinking???

Instead of going out for dinner, we had a grilled seafood fest of scallops, shrimp, tuna and salmon and some corn on the cob.  The girls and I enjoy a rotisserie chicken that Ken and I had brought from Costco.  

The girls were in bed by 9 and Dane was happy to have parent patrol duty upstairs while Ken, Lanie, Jamie and I played cards.  By 10:30 Ken and I were tired, so we called it a day.  

This has been an incredible family day!

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