Monday, August 29, 2016

Busy Days in Lititz!!

On Sunday, Ken and I were at LCBC (our Church) for the 9 AM service and it was another good one.  We were with Jamie's family and Dane's parents, Sue and Dan.  We enjoyed breakfast with Lloyd and Deb from our small group.  All the rest of our group were unavailable today.

After breakfast Ken and I did some grocery shopping and as soon as we got to the apartment I followed Ken and "Waldo" to the garage where Waldo will be inspected tomorrow.  Ken went for a long walk when we returned and I chose to do some work on our blog - I needed to get up-to-date.    After dinner, Ken did some reading and I downloaded photos and created a scrapbook page for the girls from our 1st camping trip this summer.  It was a good "catch-up" day!

Monday was another extremely hot, humid day and 90 degrees.  This August has been crazy hot and it continues!  We started the morning with devotions and then taking a long walk around Lititz, even stopping at Dosie Dough, a coffee shop, for a Long John and chai!  What fun!  We did stop along the way and talked to all our granddaughters to wish them a great 1st day of school.  It was Katelyn's very 1st day of going to elementary school and she was excited. Actually, last Friday when Lanie got home from early morning exercise, Katelyn was dressed in her 1st day of school outfit including her matching headband, her bed made, and her book bag in hand.  Lanie had to tell her that school didn't start until Monday!  Wow, to be so excited!!

After completing the scrapbook page I started last night I finally made a batch of oat bran blueberry muffins that Ken has been requesting for quite awhile! Seemed like I hadn't baked forever.  

After lunch I went to the library to get a new library card so I can get e-books from our local library for my new tablet.  Actually, I couldn't find my old card when we had moved to Lititz, so they issued me a new one.  Well, now I found the old one (which was no longer valid) and couldn't find the new one.  Wow, getting old is not fun sometimes and it makes you feel so stupid!  They actually renewed my old card number.  I better keep track of this one!

Ken spent most of the day at his desk making necessary phone calls and doing needed things for our West Adventure!  He also went to the Post Office to have our mail forwarded to Jamie while we are traveling!

We went to Jamie's at 3:15 to walk with her to the bus stop to see how Bria and Cali's 1st day at school went for them.  They both had a great day!  From there we went to pick up Waldo who passed inspection with "flying colors"!  We stopped to fill the propane tank.  

As soon as we got home, we drove to Gus's Restaurant in Mt. Joy where I met my mother and sister for a "ladies night out".  One of mother's favorite meals is corn pie and she loves the homemade one at this restaurant.  She was so appreciative.  Then the 3 of us went back to Masonic Homes and Dad joined us to play 2 games of Pinochle.  Cindy and I won the 1st game, but Mom and Dad won the 2nd.  It was a fun evening for the Althouse Family!

Cindy and I were back to her house by 9:15 and Ken was visiting with John when we arrived.  Ken had been to Celebration Recovery which is held very close to Cindy and John's while I was with my family.  We visited and realized it is probably the last time we will see each other until December.  We were home by 10:30 and went right to bed.  This was an "on the move" day, but oh so good!

A little note on Lulu.  Jamie, Dane, and Cali had gone to the local vet to visit her and spent some time with her outside.  Lula has been in isolation this whole time so she was so excited to see them and hear their voices.  But, it didn't take her long to feel exhausted and she still had no interest in eating.  But on Monday the vet suggested they visit again and maybe even bring her home. So, when they arrived that evening the vet felt that she would do much better at home, so they brought her home.  Cali was so excited and happy, but Bria still had lots of reservations about having a dog in the house.  Story to continue!

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