Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Day Spent at The Peninsula Near Rehobeth Beach!

The gals were up extremely early this morning and are lacking in "rest time". They were all on a relatively "short fuse" but we were hopeful that they would get better as the day progressed and they did!

After breakfast we packed lunches and left for The Peninsula off of Route 24 in Rehobeth Beach.  Dane's parents bought a home there in June and they were generous and offered for our family to go there for a day to enjoy the amenities The Peninsula offers and then stop by their home to eat lunch, and after all of our fun activities go back to shower and change before going for dinner.  How nice of them.

So, we got there around 10,  dropped off our clothes and lunches and then toured their new home.  How beautiful!  They had to furnish the entire house and Jamie and Sue had a great time doing that together.  The furnishings and floor plan are exceptional.  Dan and Sue are not coming down until this coming weekend.

We rented paddle boards and a tandem kayak for 2 hours, so we spent time in the launch area on the bay having a great time taking turns and experiencing both "boats". 

Lanie and Katelyn were the 1st to try the paddle boards!

The water in the bay was rather choppy and you really had
to "work it"!

Cali had a good ride with her mommy!

Lots of activity on the water!

Cali, Samantha, and Katelyn also had fun making what they called "San Diego" on the beach. 

I hope you recognize the city of San Diego!

Samantha, Bria and Cali enjoyed being on the paddle board with their parents, but they also did a good job of trying it by themselves. 

Samantha enjoyed trying to paddle board by herself!

She did well!

Next it was Cali's turn and she did well too!

Bria enjoyed it too!


The girls also had fun paddling the kayak with Grandma, PaPa, and their parents.  It was an exciting 2 hours.

Notice the amazing synchronization!

There was also gymnastics on the beach with a competition between Lanie and Jamie.  I believe Jamie was the winner with better form than last year!  Bria and Samantha decided to try their skills also!

Jamie and Bria!

Samantha wanted to be a part of the fun!

Wow!  Jamie did an amazing job!

Lanie decided to give it a try also...... 
...and it created a lot of laughter for the 2 sisters!

PaPa and I tried the paddle boards too.  Fortunately PaPa was able to stay on the board this year.  Last year he found it rather challenging!  For some reason, there are no photos of me on the board.  Maybe I really didn't do it, but I think I did! 

Keep it going, PaPa!

.....and off he goes!  I hope he knows how to turn that thing

Then it was back to the house to enjoy our packed lunches on the patio.  The sun was in and out today and when it was out it was so hot.  We were glad for the cloud cover throughout the day.

After lunch we went to the wave pool area where there is a sandy beach area, an adult pool, the wave pool, and 2 places to buy food and drinks.  The girls enjoyed the wave pool where the waves are on for 20 minutes and then off for 20.  PaPa was such a trooper, playing with the girls in the water for a long time.  Just when he got out to rest, Cali decided to stop making sand castles and get in the water.  She was upset that she didn't get to spend time with PaPa in the water, so back in he went.  He was tired by the end of pool time.

The girls enjoyed the waves!

All the loungers at the wave pool are in the sand.  Can you see
another "San Diego" in the background?

What a beautiful and unique pool!

We went back to the house where we all showered and changed and drove to the Paradise Grill which is very close to the Peninsula.  By then it was cloudy and they were predicting some showers, so the huge island type setting was very empty. They offer a huge playground area for children and seating in so many different areas on the sand. 

This is the stage at Paradise Grill!  No live music tonight!

Mommy and Bria!

What a nice picture of 3 generations!

Katelyn, the youngest, won the battle of who could hold
on for the longest time!

When we just finished eating, the light showers began.  So we were on our way to the Yuengling Ice Cream Shop about a mile from Paradise Grill.  For $3.00 they give you so much ice cream it is almost ridiculous. Ken and I definitely should have shared.

Lanie was very excited to be getting ice cream!  Yuengling
makes a very rich and tasty treat!

We were back to Bethany Lakes around 7:45 and the girls were in bed by 8 after a very busy day.  The 5 of us played more games of Skip-Bo while watching the Olympics and the great races of Michael Phelps.  We stopped playing at 10 and I stayed up to work on the blog and watch the American gymnists win the all around.  They were amazing.

It was another best day!

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  1. Love seeing all the pics & reading about your family vacation! Sure looks & sounds like a great time!