Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another Steamy, Hot Day!

Ken and I decided to do a trip to Ocean City on Thursday morning since Dane, Jamie, Bob, Lanie and the girls went into Bethany Beach to play Mini Golf.  We had not been back to Ocean City for several years and we have so much history there.  I went there yearly with my family when I was probably 8 or 9 and then Ken and I took the girls there yearly from the time they were babies with our friends, Dan and Jackie Hagy and their boys.  Eventually Ken and I fulfilled  a dream we had for years of buying a Condo in Ocean City.  We purchased it in partnership with his sister and brother-in-law and together we owned it for 13 years, selling it in 2009.  So, we really enjoyed loading up our bikes, driving there, and then riding the 2 1/4 mile boardwalk from one end to the other and back.  It was interesting to see the changes and just reminisce!

Everyone was back at the condo when we returned at 10:30.  We ate an early lunch and all of us went to Delaware State Park to spend time at the beach from 12 to 2:45.  I actually was in the water (totally) jumping waves with the gang! Such fun.  The little ones loved being out in the deeper water where they could jump and swim under the breaking waves.

Our family really enjoyed the ocean!

5 year old Katelyn was very comfortable
in the ocean water!

Yes, I am part of the swim gang!!!

I don't normally get totally submerged, but
when it is your family, you will do about anything!

Okay, we better jump over this one!

Time to go for a dive!  Even Katelyn would go under the waves
when they were breaking on us!
..Time for a splash!

Sometimes you have to get out to wipe your eyes!

That's a splasher!!

In between our times in the ocean, the girls, with the help of their moms and dads, enjoyed playing in the sand.

The little ones needed some adult reinforcements!

The shovel brigade!

Hey, could I please have a bigger shovel???

Let's build castles near the shoreline!

They liked when the large hole filled with water....

...and they had their own swimming hole!!!

Water was warm, but oh the sandy bottoms!

After showering and getting ready for the evening, Ken and I played cards with Jamie and Lanie.  We used to do that quite often when the girls were at home. Then the 10 of us went to The Boat House outside of Bethany Beach for dinner. It is a great outdoor place where they have a boat in a sandy area for the girls to play.  So, it was a good choice for everyone!

The girls felt like "big shots" having a table all to themselves.
Hey, what is Jamie doing at their table????

From there we went to the Boardwalk at Bethany Beach to 1st take our annual family pictures (we bribed the girls by telling them we would buy them ice cream if the cooperated for the pictures - hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!!) Pictures went well!  All it takes is a little ice cream!

Lanie, Bob, Katelyn and Samantha

The proud parents and grandparents!
(Ken is wearing my glasses!)

Dane, Jamie, Bria and Cali!

We love our beautiful granddaughters!

We are so blessed and look forward to this family week every year!

Then it was time for kite flying.  Sam and Katelyn had brought them from home and were happy to share them with Bria and Cali!  Then PaPa and Grandma treated to ice cream at Kohr Brothers.

Lanie started the kite flying!

Jamie helped too!

Then Samantha shared her kite with Bria!

Katelyn loved it!

Okay, we did it!

Bria is starting to be such a young lady!

Samantha liked watching her kite!

I just enjoy being a part of this special evening!

Katelyn shared her kite with Cali!

But at times she wanted to fly it herself! 
Warms my heart to see the love Lanie and
Jamie have for each other!

We were back to the Condo by 8  No game playing, but an early bed night.

Today was another great family day at the beach!!!

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  1. What a wonderful family you have...but I know you already know that!