Thursday, August 18, 2016

Samantha and Katelyn Joined the Group!,

Bria and Cali only came to our room at 7 after a good night's sleep!  They watched a movie while Ken and I prepped breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit! It has rained during the night, so it was too wet to eat outside!

The 4 of us left the CG at 8:45 and met Lanie, Samantha and Katelyn at a church about 10 minutes away!  We exchanged cars with Lanie (she has a van) so we had room for all 4 girls.  Cindy and John met us there with Emma and Ellie.  The 10 of us drove to Chocolate World in Hershey to take the ride on how Hershey Chocolate is made.  All the girls rode in 1 car and the adults in another. Made the gals feel like such "grown-ups".  Of course you get a free piece of candy when you exit the ride so we had to do it 2X's.  We also bought some delicious fresh baked cookies for the grandchilden.  (We did beg for 1 bite!)

They were ready to get on the ride, but
were willing to stop long enough to get
their picture taken!

Emma, Ellie, Katelyn, Bria, Samantha, and Cali!

The adults were riding in the car behind them!

Ken thought I should have a "big kiss"!  Not!!!!!

Playing a game in the sales part Chocolate World!

Cindy and John went back to the CG with Emma and Ellie and the 6 of us went to a large playground near the Hershey Pool.  They played for at least 45 minutes and had a great time.  

It really is quite a large playground.  In September it will be
torn down for the building of a "better one"!  Really????

They enjoyed taking turns pushing each other on this swing
that was made for handicapped children!

When we returned to the CG, we packed lunches for everyone and hiked to the top of the hill and enjoyed a picnic lunch sitting on a blanket.  It was a hot, sunny day, but the girls really enjoyed it!

Picnic time....

....on the hill!

Cali was contemplating rolling down the hill (she had done it
last year), but the goose poop was a consideration!

They decided to run down instead of roll!

Then we changed and headed to the pool - Cindy, John, Emma, and Ellie were already there.  We all enjoyed our time in the pool and the 6 girls had fun playing together!  It was another ice cream day and enjoying the playground 
outside the pool gate.

One of their favorite flavors - Playdough!

Swimming builds those arm muscles!

These two 7 year old cousins love being together!

They all enjoy the rock wall!

.....even little Katelyn!

John and Cindy left the pool at 3:15 and decided because they had to take Emma and Ellie home by 5, they would just go home tonight instead of tomorrow morning!  We were sad they were leaving.

Ken and I supervised Bria, Cali, Samantha and Katelyn playing mini golf at the course near the pool.  It is challenging, but they enjoyed!

Grandma has to just relax and let them do their thing when it
comes to mini golf!

Bria played extremely well!

Where did the ball go??????

I took the girls to play in the creek and Ken went back to Waldo to shower and start prepping for dinner.  As soon as we got to the creek, Katelyn slipped on the mucky bottom and she was a muddy mess!  She took time standing in the clearer water washing off the mud and then continued playing with the girls.  It was fun just to watch them.  

Katelyn is trying to "clean up" after falling in the muddy water!

Tree climbing time for Miss Cali!

I just thought this was a cute pose!

Every year when we camp here, we take a photo of the 4 girls
on the covered bridge.  This is the 1st year they could all
climb up by themselves!  Wow, they are certainly growing up!

They enjoy playing in the creek every year!

Yes, the water was very mucky!  It looks like they are wearing
black, rubber  boots!

What happened to my feet?  Katelyn wanted to know if they
would always be stained!

By the time all the girls were showered (with my help), dressed, and we had supper made, Ken and I felt exhausted.  We are not used to so much "activity". Ken had grilled hamburgs and hot dogs and we had mac and cheese and more corn on the cob.  Ken had also built a campfire so everyone had a s'more.  

There was lots of clean-up needed so Ken suggested I drive Bria and Cali about 30 minutes down the road to meet Jamie and Dane.  So we loaded the van with their "stuff" and we left the CG at 7:00.  Poor Ken had all the clean-up to do and try to find a movie that both Samantha and Katelyn wanted to see.  I was back by 8 and everything was cleaned up and under control.  PaPa is the best!

All 4 of us were in bed before 9, exhausted after a very busy day!   

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