Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday- Sunny Day but Cool!

Ken was up by 6 but I only starting facing the day around 8!  He had done a lot of reading and was ready for breakfast, so he made himself an omelette.  I did some work on the blog, realizing that the draft I had made for Tuesday and Wednesday (it was all but finished) was somehow deleted - so frustrating!  So, I redid that one and finished Thursday and Friday!  What should have been a quick project turned into a major one!

Ken had vacuumed while I ate a light breakfast and then he wanted to finish our game of Hand and Foot that we had started last night!  Somehow he felt "lucky" this morning, but that was short lived.  I beat him the next 2 rounds.  I think he maybe a little reluctant to play again in the near future!

Ken worked at his desk while I did some work in the kitchen and put in a load of wash.  I had a nice phone conversation with Jamie and she is concerned that Ken and I have no plans for Easter since we postponed our family celebration until next Saturday.  She invited us to their house tomorrow morning (we are going to church this evening) for tea and cinnamon rolls because they are going to Dane's parents later in the day for an Easter meal.  We will meet them at Church at 4:30 and then as per Bria's birthday request (she is 11 tomorrow) we will join them and Dane's parents at 5 Guys for dinner and then go to Jamie's for ice cream cake and a fun evening.  Jamie is always so thoughtful and wants family together whenever possible!

I called Lanie and Sam is still sick!  It has been a tough few days for her family.  Hopefully Sam will be on the mend soon!

Before lunch, I put on my SAS and Ken and I went for a walk.  It was sunny and about 50 degrees, so a nice day to walk.  When we returned, we had a light lunch and by 4:00 we were on our way to church, meeting Jamie's family and Dane's parents.  It was a good service with lots of "food for thought"!  I thought the music was especially meaningful.

As per Bria's request for her 11th birthday, all of us, plus Adam, Steph and their children - friends of Jamie's family) went to 5 Guys for delicious, but greasy hamburgers and fries.  Then back to Jamie's house just for an evening of fellowship and ice cream cake.  We had such a good time for it is so special to spend time with family and friends and Jamie's house is always so welcoming.

What an amazing 11 year old!
Ken and I were back home around 10:30 and it was time for bed.  This was a special day!

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