Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Busy Day At Lazydays!

Ken and I did have a very good night's sleep - Ken was up at 7 and only got up at 8:10.  Wow, we needed that rest!!!

By 9:15 we were in the cafeteria here at Lazydays for our free breakfast.  It was very good and we sat with our neighboring campers, Dennis and Jean, sharing some camping adventures and what RV's we have both had in the past.  We enjoyed our time with them, but it is short lived for we both leave tomorrow morning!

After breakfast, we took another stroll looking through the Winnebagos to be certain we knew which vinyl flooring we wanted for the replacement of our flooring in Waldo.  It can be such a tough decision, but taking a pillow from our sofa made it a bit easier!

We drove about 10 miles to the famous Parkesdale Market that is located in Plant City and famous for their strawberry sundaes and delicious strawberry shortcake, as well as good produce and fruit at very reasonable prices.  We were not disappointed, except that we didn't get any of their strawberry treats.  What is wrong with us????

Strawberry fields are producing fruit already.

The plants look so healthy and have lots of red berries!

Parkesdale Market has so many different fruits and vegetables!

We purchased all of this for only $20.00 - wow!!!!

Back to Lazydays to put our purchases away (or up as Chuck and Melissa would say) and then back to the cafeteria for lunch.  Left another message for our service adviser, Sam, and then headed to Costco and Wal-Mart for needed groceries.  They were located about 15 minutes from the campground and almost next door to each other.   Our freezer was bare, but now has plenty of meat for a lot of our stay while we are in Florida.  

After putting those groceries in their place, we went to our 4:30 appointment with Sam.  All went well and we are very pleased with all the work she did behind the scenes to see that everything we needed to have done was completed.  She did a lot of work so that our RV insurance company would cover the replacement of our flooring as well as what is needed to make sure the slide is repaired so that the same thing won't happen again.  She really did an amazing job and we are extremely grateful.

We returned to Waldo at 5:30 and took a walk around part of the campground. We actually got our 10,000 steps today.  We need to continue an exercise regiment while we are in Florida.  I did some clean-up and Ken disconnected the sewer for our departure tomorrow.  

We made dinner and then watched TV while working on the blog and doing some e-mails.  Talked to my mother and sister today and all is well.

Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Club Naples for 1 week to spend time with our camping friends, Barry and Deb.  Looking forward to some fun times with them.

We enjoyed all the sunshine today and the warmth - 67 degrees,

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