Saturday, January 2, 2016

Time to Celebrate the January Birthdays!

Ken and I finally had a good night's sleep, maybe because I was able to go back to the bed instead of sleeping on the couch.   Ken was up by 6 to read and meditate and I was up to the 6:45 alarm.  We got ready and drove to Gus's Family Restaurant to meet Fred and Doloris for breakfast.

It was so good to be able to spend some time with them catching up on life and just enjoying each other's company.  We will miss them when we are in Florida.  They are driving to Florida the middle of February and spending a week with Doloris' sister and her husband near Tampa before they leave for a week long cruise.  Hopefully we will met up during that 1st week and spend a little time together.

We left the restaurant at 9:30 and Ken and I drove to Lanie's for the birthday celebration as well as our Florida Farewell.  So good to have our whole family there for the day.  We had a few snacks and then ordered pizza and enjoyed the cake we had brought for dessert.  Lanie, Jamie, Ken and I got to play 2 games of Haus which we used to play before they left home.  It was a lot of fun even if the girls beat their parents - what is that about????  We hardly saw the little ones the whole time, except when eating.  They play so well together.

Ken and I were home by 4:30 and the final packing and clean-up continued - final load of wash, vacuuming, washing floors, and loading last minute items. We totally unloaded the refrigerator so it could be turned off while we are gone. By 7:30 we had completed everything we could do before leaving early tomorrow morning.  We were both ready to be done! 

We are hoping to get to bed early and get a very early start.  Last year we were on our way by 2:45 AM.  We had set the alarm for 4, but of course, Ken got awake and since I "stirred" just a little, he thought we should get going.  So, who knows what time we will leave tomorrow.  We will probably be in bed no later than 9, so I have a feeling we will be getting a very early start!!!!!

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