Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Fun Day!

Ken went to LR around 6:30.  I woke at 7:15, did some reading in bed, and then we got ready to go to Edgewater UM Church in Port Charlotte.  We have been there the last 3 weeks and continue to really enjoy their contemporary music and the pastor's message.

We left the CG at 9, headed to the Church, and after an inspirational service, we were on our way back to Waldo by 10:45.  Ken made himself a salad for lunch and dinner (I can't eat them right now because of my lip issue) and then we ate lunch outside.  It was a mostly cloudy day, but it did get to the low 70's.  

After cleaning up, I cut-up lots of veggies so they will be ready to saute for dinner.  We packed some drinks and then left for Ernie and Neola's around 1. The 4 of us took a long walk (about 4 miles) seeing some interesting birds and a huge alligator. 

This blue heron is in the canal behind
Ernie and Noela's RV.  The other day
he was sitting on the side of their truck!

This is an osprey!

This is rather interesting.  The osprey nest is in the bottom
part of the tree and a blue heron has her nest on the top
of the tree.  Talk about sharing!

Here is the blue heron!

Noela and I on our long walk with the "boys"!

One giant alligator.  Probably about 10 feet!

It this picture upside down?????

Ken just thought this was pretty!

Finally, the right size alligator for Ken to wrestle!

A whole "herd" of cormorants!

Rather appropriate in the 55+ communities here in Florida!

Next it was shuffleboard time!  We all enjoy that activity.  The men won the 1st game but the ladies came on strong and won the 2nd.  It was fun!

This is a competitive and serious game!

Isn't this a beautiful moth???

It was a large one!!!

After making plans for tomorrow, Ken and I came back to Waldo at 5:45.  I made the veggies while Ken grilled salmon and chicken.  It was all so delicious. After cleaning up, it was time to watch 60 minutes and I worked on this blog.

These ibis were in the water behind their RV!

I wonder if they are a couple?

Let's fall into line!

Here we go!

Hey, no stopping to eat!

Keep moving!!!

Again, I had no pain with my lip today, but eating continues to be a challenge! It is almost necessary to change the bandaging every time I eat.  Not a problem, but a bit of a nuisance.  

Had a nice phone conversation with Deb Eberly and Polly back home.  So nice to talk with them!  I appreciate their friendship!

After watching some of Ninja Warrior and doing some reading, we were in bed by 9:30.

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