Sunday, January 10, 2016

No Bike Ride Today!

We had very heavy rain late last evening with some thunder and lightning.  We were up by 7 and it started raining heavily again.  We had planned to pick up Deb and Barry at 9 and go to Shark Valley near the Everglades to take a 14 mile bike ride, but because of the weather, that wasn't happening!  We had packed our lunches, made a cooked breakfast, but decided to wait an hour or so to see if it would clear for the ride.

Ken and I decided we should go to an Urgent Care for Ken to see if we could get him some medicine.  He goes through about 150 kleenex a day and coughs a lot.  He started with this about 6 weeks ago, then got better, but got it back when I passed it on to him.  Before it was head congestion, but now it was on his chest and his ears were somewhat closed.  So, we found a recommended Urgent Care about 12 miles away and we headed there.  The visit went fairly quickly and the Dr. said it was both in his head and on his chest and prescribed prednisone, an antibiotic, and to use the inhaler Ken already has.  So, we stopped by CVS and an hour later we had the medicine.  Hopefully he will get better quickly!

On the way back from CVS we stopped at Wal-Mart for a few groceries, went back to Waldo to put them away, and then met Deb and Barry at the entrance to our CG and we drove to Naples to have lunch at Tommy Bahamas.  We were able to eat outside and the food was delicious.  We did a little walking around downtown Naples and were back to our CG by 4.  Deb and Barry went back to their campground and Ken did some reading while I worked on some earrings. Then we took a walk around the CG.  The sun was out very little today, but it got to 74 degrees.

Ken's favorite flower -
Bird of Paradise!

Enjoying lunch at Tommy Bahamas!

We are enjoying our time with Barry and Deb!

I had a nice chat with Doloris from back home and they will be in the Tampa area for 1 week before leaving for a 1 week cruise from Cape Canaveral.  They are planning to come visit us for 2 days while we are in Pine Island, probably staying with us in Waldo for 1 night.  We are certainly hoping that works out, for we would love to see them and spend time together.

We made salads for dinner and then I worked on this blog and made more jewelry.  Also watched the Packers beat the Redskins! Tomorrow Barry and Deb are doing a kayak paddle with folks from their CG and we will go to the beach.  The 4 of us will get together again on Tuesday.  We are having a great time here in Naples!

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