Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good-Bye to Naples and Hello Harbor Lakes at Port Charlotte

Ken went to LR early to read and I only woke at 7:45.  Obviously we were going to take our time to get ready to leave the CG today.  We both got ready and then I was happy to get a call from our daughter, Jamie.  So nice of her to keep us up to date as to what is happening at home.  Their family is in the process of totally redoing their kitchen and it is making their life very interesting. They took out everything including the wall to the dining room and closing off an office area. Fortunately they have a finished basement with a bar area that has a refrigerator, running water, a microwave, and a nice sitting area with a big screen TV.  The little gals says it feels like living an adventure in an apartment. They find it exciting.  It is going well and hopefully it will be completed in about 3 weeks.  I told Jamie it is a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement!

By 9:30 we pulled out of our site and hooked up the CRV.  We were on our way to Harbor Lakes CG near Port Charlotte by 9:45.  It was around 48 degrees and cloudy when we left.  It was only about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive to our destination on major roads, so all went well.  I talked to our friend, Doloris, who ad called earlier this morning and I asked if I could call her back while we were driving.  We had a nice chat and I really appreciate how they keep in touch with us when we are in Florida.  They are faithful followers of our blog and I feel like they travel with us when we are gone from home.

We checked into the CG by 11:15 and are happy with the site they gave us.  We even have a cement patio!  By the time we were set-up, Ernie and Noela arrived back at the CG and stopped to see us.  Soooo good to see them again.  We started chatting and it seemed like we hadn't even been apart.  We appreciate their friendship and the fun times we have together.  This week will be filled with adventure.  

After about an hour of "catching up", we went to our RV's for lunch.  Ken realized he was really tired, so we decided to get back together around 3 so he could rest.  He is feeling better, but still gets tired.  I did some dusting and then made some seaglass pendants.  

Noela and Ernie were here at 3 and we stopped to get a lottery ticket (we are excited to probably win and are feeling bad for everyone else who bought tickets!) and then took a long walk at Tippe Canoe  Environmental Park. It was a nice walk and it gave us more time to chat!  We were back to the CG around 5:15 and Noela invited us to their place for quesadillas.

Walking along the waterway that leads to the Peace River!

This was the best part of the trail.  Much of it was
fairly overgrown!

So Ken and I made salads for ourselves and were at their place by 6.  We had delicious quesadillas and salads.  After cleaning up we played a game of Skip-Bo which the men won.  It was a lot of fun.  We were back to Waldo by 9:15 and I finished the blog and got ready for bed.  Another fun day in Paradise, but I wouldn't mind if we would get a little more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

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