Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Very Relaxing Day!

Ken was up by 6:15, but I didn't crawl out of bed until about 8:30.  They wanted me to sleep on 2 pillows to keep my chin "up", but that doesn't work very well.  I have trouble with my neck and back when I am up that High!

Ken went to get me some Dial soap which is what the Dr. told me to get to "scrub" the wound.  I showered while he was gone and then it was time to remove the huge bandage the Dr. had put on yesterday.  I was anxious to see what it looked like, but Ken had no interest.  He is not very good with that type of thing.  He did take one quick peek, but that was plenty!  It is rather swollen, but I think it looks great  I was able to clean it, put on plenty of Vaseline, and then cover it with a smaller "dressing".  

Thankfully I was able to remove this large bandage!

My lip is rather "puffy", but looking better than I expected!  I am
not sure why there is no pain, but I am thrilled !

We made a flax pancake with strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter that we shared.  It took me some time to eat it, but with small pieces, I was able to manage!  I drank my chai with a straw but that is very doable!  

I had a nice conversation with Barry and Deb, bringing them up to date on yesterday's procedure.  They have lots of standing water in their CG and yesterday had to have their car towed off their site.  The amount of rain we have had in this area in the month of January is just crazy.  They normally have 2 to 3 inches, but so far this month lots of places have had 13 inches.  There is just no where for the water to go!

Ken and I left to go to Detweiler's, an Amish produce stand along Route 41 near Venice that offers lots of fruits and veggies, a deli, seafood, and an in house bakery.  It is an amazing place.  So glad Bill and Donna told us about it.  We had no idea that is existed!

Then we made a stop a Wal-Mart, getting back to Waldo around 1:15.  Both of us were feeling rather tired.  I worked on the blog and Ken did some reading. Doloris called and we had a wonderful conversation.  She is having lots of trouble with her back since shoveling snow and is trying to get it "under control" before they leave for Florida a week from Thursday.  I appreciated her "checking up on me" concerning my surgery!  What a special friend!

Noela called and they were just leaving Naples where they spent the day walking around the downtown area, including Tin City.  We invited them to stop in to play games, so they arrived around 5.  I was just waking up when they got here.  Ken and Ernie took a walk around the CG while Noela and I chatted.

They had brought a packed dinner, so we ate together, I changed my bandage, and then we played Skip-Bo which the men won quite handily.  We also played Toss Up and I was the victor!

They left around 8 and I talked to Cindy and my mother.  Cindy had given me a heads up that mom was feeling a lot better today almost a complete turn around from yesterday!  Hallelujah.  I think both she and dad were just completely exhausted from both of them having to change rooms.

I feel blessed that I have still had absolutely no pain from my surgery.  Rather amazing.  I will be glad when it no longer needs to be cover, for eating is the biggest problem.

Ken and I did some reading and I complete this post.  It was a good post surgical day!

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