Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fun 1st Day at Port Charlotte

Ken had another rough night's sleep due to his "darn" medicine, but he is starting to feel better!  He was up by 6 and left for a 1 3/4 hour walk with Ernie! They do so much talking as the walk that they lose track of time.  I guess that is a good thing.

I was up by 7, did some devotions, showered and started breakfast.  By 9:30 the 4 of us were on our way to the Englewood Farmer's Market.  It was much larger than I expected and there were many interesting vendors with a variety of things. 

Lots of nice looking produce......

....and lots of people!

Several bread stands with unique and delicious breads!

My kind of shirt!!!

 I even got to have some fun hula hooping! 

I love to hula hoop......

.....and keep it going.....

......and going!

We left there around 11:30 and drove to Englewood Beach and we got to spend an hour looking for shark's teeth, shells, and seaglass.  We found a good amount of shark's teeth and a few pieces of seaglass and shells that I can use to make my jewelry.  It was a bit cool on the beach and again, no sunshine! Eventually it did get to about 70 degrees.

This is beautiful Englewood Beach!

It is covered with shells....

....and more shells!

Time to look for shark's teeth!

It was a cloudy day, but still so beautiful!

We stopped at another produce place on the way back to the CG and arrived back at Waldo around 2:30.  We went to our RV's for lunch, planning to meet to play shuffleboard around 4.  Ken took a needed nap after a short night of sleep and I made some additional seaglass pendants.  

The 4 of us played 2 games of shuffleboard and I am ashamed to say how badly the women lost.  What is that about????  Well, tomorrow is another day and I think the tide will change!!!!

This is a very serious game!

Ernie even took off his sweater and got
down to business!

After shuffleboard, we walked to the back of the CG to check-out the trees along the marsh where egrets, ibis, and herons spend the night sleeping in the trees. I could not believe how many birds were in those trees!  Then we took a long walk around the CG and stopped to meet some friends of Ernie and Noela.  By then it was almost 7, so we decided to call it a day and go to our RV's for dinner and meet again tomorrow morning.

The birds were everywhere!

I spent the evening recording our expenses (where does the money go?) and working on this blog while watching American Idol.  Ken did some reading.  We were in bed by 9:30.

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