Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Relaxing Day in the Naples Area!

Ken got up around 6 to do more reading and relaxing.  I was up by 7 and we got ready for the day.  We drove to Barry and Deb's CG arriving there around 9. Deb had invited us for breakfast to try her flax pancakes.  They follow the wheat belly diet closely and flax pancakes with some peanut butter, yogurt and fresh fruit is their breakfast almost every morning.  We were anxious to give them a try!

We each had 1 pancake and it was very good and filling.  A nice alternative to cereal and eggs.  You cook them one at time in the microwave and all of the ingredients are extremely healthy.  We were amazed.

You make the pancake right on this plate in the microwave!

This is Ken's with a layer of natural peanut butter and then
fresh strawberries and banana!  Looks good, huh????

After breakfast and clean-up we chatted and then took a walk around their CG. They have some nice amenities at the Naples KOA. but like a lot of the CG's in this area, the sites can be rather tight.  They do have a planned kayak paddle each week and they can launch right from the back of the CG.

Barry with his faithful companion, Quinn!

This is their site in the Naples KOA!

At the back of their CG is a launch for boats!

The pelicans are waiting in the trees for the fisherman to come
in and clean their fish at the water!

What can I say????

These 4 cabins face each other in the CG.  Great for families
to have a "common area"!

They repainted all the buildings in the CG this year and
made them light and bright with the teal color!

We were back to Waldo by 12:15, giving Deb time to prepare for the teaching of her line dancing class at 1.  She has been the instructor for 3 years at this CG and they have an active group of dancers.

Ken and I took a long walk around the area, showered, and then he rested while I did a manicure on myself!  My nails dried quickly outside, for it was 80 degrees and their was plenty of sunshine.

Ken grilled pork chops for dinner and we had delicious salads.  After clean-up, we left around 5 to head towards Estero to locate the office where I will have my lip surgery on Jan. 29 and then attend the worship service at Living Waters Church at 6.  It was a very enjoyable and uplifting service with good praise music and a good message!

We returned to Waldo by 8 and they are predicting some heavy rain and thunderstorms.  Earlier there was a tornado warning, but that has been lifted. Hallelujah!!!!  I had a nice conversation with my sister today and this evening with our daughter, Jamie.  Jamie's kitchen was "demolished today in preparation for entirely new one that should be finished in about 3 weeks.  Quite an undertaking!  Also Dane's grandma is in the hospital in ICU with a bleeding stomach ulcer.  She is 89 years old and they are not sure what course of action needs to be taken.  

Earlier today I talked with Melissa - they are currently enjoying a month of camping with friends in San Antonia.  We had a nice chat.  They will be flying back to Nashville for 2 nights to see Chuck's dermatologist who had removed a growth on his upper arm over Christmas and the report came back that some cancer cells where present.  He will have some more of it removed and then they will return to Texas.  They will meet up with us in Pine Island on February 3 and we will be so happy to be with them again. 

Now we are watching the Steelers and hoping for a big win!!!!  Go Steelers!!!!!

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