Friday, January 29, 2016

Lip Surgery Day!

I had set the alarm to go off at 5:15, but it didn't work!  Ken woke at 5:23 and checked for the time - hallelujah we were up in time to get ready for my appointment at the Dermatology Center in Estero at 7:45.  We quickly got ready and were on our way by 6:15 for the 75 mile drive, arriving there at 7:35.  The sunrise on the way was breathtaking!

Lots of paperwork to complete, so they only took me back around 9 AM.  By then I was a bit anxious, but as soon as I met the nurse and Dr. Zack came into the room, I knew I was in good hands with people who were very qualified and really cared about me.  I calmed down quickly.

By 9:30 the 1st phase of cutting was complete and Dr. Zack said I would not need any stitches and she felt confident that the pathology report that they do immediately would come back just fine.  So they closed the wound and bandaged it assuming nothing else was needed.  I went to the waiting room to await the results and within 45 minutes Ken and I were on our way back to the CG.  I felt so blessed and relieved.  The procedure was relatively painless and except for the huge bandaged area, I was in good shape!

I think the bandage was a bit larger then needed, but I am
just the "victim"!

We stopped on the way back to get me a milkshake for lunch, because eating was going to be rather difficult with the gauze being part way inside my mouth. I am to "lay low" for 2 or 3 days only doing walking for exercise.  No pickleball or bike riding.  The worst part is I am not supposed to go on the beach for the next month, but since it has been so rainy and a bit cool most of our trip, that shouldn't be a problem.  Actually, I feel that is the a small price to pay for such a good result!  I will go back in about a week for a follow-up visit and hopefully by then the area will no longer need to be covered.

After texting, e-mailing, and talking with family and friends Ken and I decided we needed to rest.  You tend to "hold up well" before and during these "events", but when it is over you realize that it does take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We read for a short time and then both napped.

After our naps, I had a long talk with my sister, daughter Jamie, and with Ken's sister.  It was so good to chat with all of them.  I tried to eat a Cafe Steamer for dinner, but it was impossible to get the fork with food in my mouth.  So Ken graciously went to McDonald's to get me another milkshake.

Chuck called to inquire how I was doing and Ken and he had a nice conversation.  They arrived at Frog City CG in LA where they will spent the night, having left San Antonio this morning.  We will both arrive at Pine Island on Wednesday and we are very excited to see them!

At 7, Bill and Donna, who are staying here at Ramblers Rest and fellow campers from PA that we have seen for the last several years at Pine Island, came to Waldo.  We spent the evening chatting and comparing notes on the trips we both took out west last year and talking about family and friends.  We had such a great evening and really enjoyed their company!  We must have had a good time for all of a sudden it was 11:00 PM.

They left and we went right to bed.  Life is Good!

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