Monday, January 11, 2016

Beautiful Day for our 1st Visit to the Beach!

Ken had a very restless night probably because of the Prednisone!  It tends to keep you awake in the middle of the night.  I was up by 7:45.  We got our laundry together and Ken took it to the CG laundromat while I got ready for the day.  

We made some flax pancakes for breakfast and Ken cleaned up while I went to the laundromat to dry the clothing.  I stayed their until it was done folded it, and was back to Waldo by 11.  I had met Jane while there, and we had a nice time talking.  

We put the laundry in its proper place, remade the bed, and then organized Waldo.  Ken had put our lunches that we had packed for yesterday's planned bike trip into the cooler bag and by 11:45 we were on our way to Lowdermilk Beach in Naples.  It was gorgeous, sunny day with little breeze and a temperature around 70.  A great day to be on the beach.  We read for about an hour, ate a very light lunch, and then took a long walk down the beach to the pier. 

We had our own personal Tiki Hut!

What a gorgeous day!

This is the back of a huge "mansion" that sits right on the beach!

Just another "one of the many" huge homes in Naples!

Usually the Gulf is very calm, but today there were lots of
big waves!

The cormorants were enjoying the view
from these poles in the Gulf! 
I really liked this picture that Ken took with his phone!

Lots of folks enjoying this day and The Naples Pier!

We walked along the street on our return walk, passed huge, beautiful homes. When we got back to our chairs on the beach we had 13,000 steps.  Yeah for us!!!!!  We really enjoyed the walk!

The landscaping at these homes is gorgeous.  Loved all
the colors of the bougainvillea!
This home had several of these trees and all were
trimmed to perfection!

We left the beach by 4:15 and had such a wonderful day!  I tried to be good with the amount of suntan lotion I used and having my face out of the sun.  I really need to be aware and take better care of my skin.

Ken took a short nap when we returned and we both showered.  Ken grilled salmon and chicken and we also had salads for dinner.  After cleaning up, I talked to my sister and then to Deb to discuss our plans for tomorrow.  The weather is not looking the best, so the bike ride at Shark Valley is not going to happen.  Deb and I will probably go to some of the craft stores while Barry and Ken take a bike ride near their CG if the weather permits.  Ken and I played a game of Pinochle - I was the winner!  We were disappointed that we couldn't get the Alabama/Clemson game, but so it goes!

Can't believe tomorrow is our last full day at this CG.  It is a nice CG and the people are very friendly.  Being with Barry and Deb has made this a very special place to be!

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