Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Relaxing Last Day in Naples with Barry and Deb!

Ken was up around 6 (that darn medicine!) and I woke to the 7 AM alarm.  It had rained earlier this morning and then started raining again after we got up. We got ready and made eggs for breakfast.  It definitely wasn't a day for a bike ride at Shark Valley - a bit too cool, cloudy, and the possibility of rain.  It did get to 67 degrees, but we didn't see much sunshine!

At 9:15 we left to got to Barry and Deb's CG.  Deb and I went to Michael's Craft Store and to Hobby Lobby while Ken and Barry enjoyed some time chatting over tea and coffee.  Then they went for a long walk in a park near their CG.  They saw many different species of birds and watched 2 gentlemen spraying the water lilies that had become too invasive in the ponds. 

Beautiful baby blue Heron!

I think I have a kink in my neck

Okay, I got the fish......

.....now how do I get him in the right position.....

,,,,this doesn't seem to be working!!!!

Okay, let's try a different strategy!!!!!

Stately Heron!

Maybe I should come up for some air??????

A group of Ibis!

The "beautiful" woodstork!

Ready, set, lets go!!!

I guess they are buddies!!!!!

Here are the gentlemen spraying the lake
to kill the invasive water lilies!

It made the area so green!!!!

At 1:00 Deb and I met the "boys" at Grouper and Chips in Naples for lunch.  It is a small "Mom and Pop" restaurant that offers excellent food at reasonable prices.  We have eaten here the last 2 years with Barry and Deb and thoroughly enjoy it every time.  Ken loved his blackened grouper and I had a phenomenal linguine pasta dish with lost of sauteed veggies, blackened chicken, and a lemon sauce.  I brought half of my entree home and will be able to enjoy it another night!

This little restaurant in a strip mall is always extremely busy!

Ken's blackened grouper and veggies

Everyone had grilled or blackened grouper, except me.
All of it was delicious!

Cute signs around the restaurant.  This one was painted by
Leoma, the artist at Matlacha near Pine Island.


Barry and Deb followed us to our CG so we could play some games before ending our time together for 2016.  We were able to play outside and we enjoyed 2 games of Skip-Bo (each won 1) and then the men won Pass
the Pigs, a positively crazy game.  We had a fun time.  Around 5:00 we said our goodbyes until next year.

Trying to understand the point system for the different positions of\
the pigs when you toss them. 

I think this is a snouter!

Skip-Bo seemed to be the game of choice and you can
tell by their happy faces!

Ken started getting packed up outside for our departure tomorrow morning and I did the same inside.  Around 6:15 we went to Wal-Mart to get some water, soda, and iced tea and then had leftovers for dinner when we returned.  I spent the evening downloading photos Ken took today and working on this blog.  Ken did some reading and meditating.

I talked to Noela today and the 4 of us are looking forward to being together for the next week at Harbor Lakes CG in Port Charlotte.  It will be a fun time!

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