Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

Okay, the weather here in Florida has been rather crazy so far!  Everything is so wet from all the rain they have had this January.  This area has had 10 inches so far this month, way above their average!  We  have had the privilege to experience it!

It was a mild night, only getting down to the mid 60's, but there was steady rain that began in the middle of the night.  When we got up around 8 (we are enjoying these late "rise" mornings) it had stopped, so I got ready to go to 9:30 pickleball.  About 9:15 it started raining again and it rained steadily and fairly heavy all day.  You have to see the CG to understand how low lying most of the sites and streets are to appreciate all the water "puddles" that keep forming! Everything is so saturated and it is true of most of the areas in southwest Florida!

Ken and I actually enjoyed the day because it gave us time to relax.  Ken spent much of the day reading, writing in his journal, checking our accounts, and meditating, which he is really finding enjoyable and helpful!  I made pendants and earrings all day and evening.  For me that is relaxing and a lot of fun.  I really enjoy being creative!

Ken grilled us chicken burgers for supper since we had moved the grill under the awning earlier today.  He left at 6:30 for a Celebrate Recovery meeting at a local church while I continued "crafting" and watched American Idol.

I talked to Cindy late this afternoon.  They moved to Pine Island Campground today and were able to "tear down and set-up" in between the raindrops.  She had talked to our mother and the home moved dad to a room closer to the nurses station so they will be able to check on him more often.  We all agree that he is fighting for his independence and not understanding that all of his privileges will be taken away if he doesn't start behaving!  That has never been his personality, but I think he is impatient and just rather tired of everything!  It has nothing to do with his mental capacity!

I did talk to the Dermatology Center here in Estero Bay about my appointment on Friday.  I am on their schedule, but they will call tomorrow afternoon with the exact time I need to be there.  I was scheduled for 7:45, but they said that could be subject to change.  

It appears that tomorrow will be another "rain out".  Not sure where all the water is going to go!!

Ken was back to Waldo by 9.  I had worked on the blog and did more jewelry while watching American Idol.  Then we did some chatting while I cut some scrapbooking paper for another craft project I am working on.  We went to bed at 10 and read before lights out at 11.

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