Sunday, January 24, 2016

Church, Work and Then Football!

Ken and I had a very restless night of sleep, probably from the very large Diet Coke and Iced Tea we had for dinner when we were at Sonny's.  Way too much caffeine to allow for a good night's sleep!

Ken had gone to LR around 6:30 and I woke to 7:30 alarm.  We both did some devotions and then showered and got ready to go to Edgewater UM Church again near Port Charlotte.  This is about the 5th time we have attended this church and we find it to be a very good choice for us.

We made one stop on the way back to the CG at K-Mart to see if they had any vacuum cleaners that would be good or using in Waldo.  Recently our stopped working and so we are trying to find a small one that can be stored easily but does a good job.  Not an easy find!

As soon as we returned to the CG we loaded up our dirty wash and headed to the CG Laundromat. We filled 3 washers and then went back to Waldo so I could put all the ingredients for my Fagioli soup in the crockpot so we could enjoy it while watching football later today. I headed back to the laundry and Ken stayed at Waldo to do the dishes, clean-up, and then vacuum the car.  Ernie and Noela sent their vacuum home with us last evening so we could try it and see if it was one that we might want to purchase.  

I finally finished the wash around 2:15 and Ken came to pick me up.  He had done a great job of getting things organized around our campsite.  

We remade the bed and put everything in it's place.  We also took time to get out the 100 feet of rope lighting I had bought after Christmas and placed it around part of Waldo and up the trunk of the palm tree on our site.  It looks so good!

Looked good when it got dark!

By then it was time for the start of the Patriots vs. Broncos play-off game.  For those of you who don't know, I am an avid Payton Manning fan, so I was excited to watch the game.  What a game!  I was really nervous during those last 2 minutes, but hallelujah for the Broncos!  It was exciting!

We had the pasta fagioli soup near the end of the game and it was worth all the work of making it - tasty and filling!  Ken did the dishes while I enjoyed a nice chat with our friend, Jackie Hagy from back home.  It was so nice of her to call and share what is going on at home.  They had about 27 to 30 inches of snow and everything is pretty much closed down.  None of the schools are open tomorrow and you are not allowed to drive in the cities of Lancaster or York!  It was quite a major blizzard!

Ken and I decided to take about a 1/2 hour walk around the CG enjoying the full moon, but not the cool temperature - 55 degrees.  I am so ready to be in shorts and sandals.  

Across from our campsite!

What a beautiful reflection on the Myakka River!

When we got back at 8 I started watching the Cardinals vs. Panthers football game.  Not as excited about this game, but I do enjoy a good football game.

Tomorrow I hope to play pickleball here in the CG at 9:30 before we meed Ernie and Noela at 12:30 at Casperson Beach for a bike ride along the Intracoastal Waterway trail into downtown Venice.  We will eat lunch before we go there, stopping at the Upper Crust Bake Shoppe for one of their delicious scones with Devonshire Cream.  My lips are "smackin" already.

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  1. Your lights look great. I couldn't imagine needing so many when you bought them, but we have 5-12 ft purple ones outside of Harvey. You need more than you think! Pasta Fagioli soup is one of my favorites!!