Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Beautiful Day in the Venice Area!

Ken went to LR to do some reading at 6:30.  I read in bed and spent too much time on Facebook before getting ready for Church and a trip to the beach.  As soon as we got up, we started having trouble with our electric - it kept shutting down.  It had to do with the voltage at the outside hook-up.  Our surge protector kept shutting us down because the voltage was too low.  We had this trouble several other times in recent days, but we have tried to work with it.   This morning it would not come back on and we had to run our generator, so it was time to contact the office.

Within 15 minutes there was a maintenance man at our site working hard to improve the situation.  He replaced everything that could be replaced.  Electricity problems at CG's still seem to be the number 1 concern.  A lot of CG's really need to upgrade their systems, especially going from 30 AMP to 50 AMP to accomodate all the larger motorhomes.  It appears the gentleman did make the necessary repairs, for when we returned from the beach late afternoon, all was working well.  Time will tell!

We had flax pancakes, cleaned up, got everything together for the beach, including our lunches, and left with Chuck and Melissa at 9 for Edgewater Church near Port Charlotte, the church Ken and I always attend when in this area.  It was another great service and message!

From there we drove to Ernie and Noela's to change clothes, since their CG was on the way to Manasota Beach.  The 6 of us arrived at the beach by noon and we all went for a walk and some shark's tooth hunting.  The men went for a long walk, which I wanted to do, but I just can't help walking slowly and stopping lots of time to pick up shell pieces and any shark's teeth I happen to come upon.

An overview of the beach from the boardwalk that leads to
the bathrooms!

Not as crowded as we thought it would be considering it
was a weekend!

By 1:45 we were all back to our chairs to enjoy our packed lunches and some fellowship.  Then the men went off for another walk, Melissa did the same, and I continued looking for "teeth".  Then the 6 of us sat for about 1/2 hour and did some reading.  It was a perfect beach day with only a mild breeze, partial sunshine, and temperatures around 75.

This is the walkway going back to the beach from the
restrooms.  Nice!!!

If you walk up or down the beach from the main area it
becomes rather deserted.  The men walked to an area where
they found lots of shark's teeth.

Rather peaceful, don't you think?????

We said our good-byes until Tuesday to Ernie and Noela and were back to our CG by 5:30.  Chuck and Ken checked the windshield wipers on Waldo.  One had gotten loose the other day and now it appears that both of them are not connected properly.  We are thinking they are not the right ones for Waldo.  We will have Lazydays checked them, for they just put them on in Dec.

We put everything that we had taken to the beach in its proper place, showered, and then it was time for a light dinner.  We did the dishes and by 7:15 we were at Chuck and Melissa's to play games.  It was a victorious night for the men.  They won Skip-Bo by a huge margin and did the same with the 2 games of Sequence Dice.  They showed us how to play Texas Holdem which Melissa and I won.  We ended the night with a shortened game of Pinochle and the gals won.  Maybe the game night should not be awarded to the men.  I think it was a "draw".

We were back to Waldo by 10:15 and went right to bed.  Both of us were very tired.  Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow with nothing planned until a 2:00 court time for Pickleball.

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