Friday, February 19, 2016

Clean Up and Catch Up Day at the Campground!

Ken was wake early - appears he may be getting another cold.  His nose just won't stop running and his cough is back.  What is that about? Hopefully it will run its cycle and he will get rid of it quickly.

We were up by 7, did some reading, showered and got ready to go out to breakfast.  We picked up Ed and Sandy, who have a beautiful park model in Pine Island CG and whom we had met here about 6 or 7 years ago.  We only see them here at the CG, but we always try to spend some time together.  We decided to go to breakfast at RayMary's here on the island.  We left the CG at 8:30, had a delicious breakfast and a great time of "catching up" and only returned to Waldo around 10:45. 

Ken left to run some errands, including reserving 2 tandem kayaks for tomorrow for Ernie and Noela and Ken and I to paddle around Pine Island.  You rent them by the day, so we will stop for lunch during our adventure.  He returned by noon.  I had spent that time reorganizing all the cupboards in Waldo and then cleaning up.  

We made a call to Lanie and had such a nice chat!  We also talked to Katelyn and what a joy.  She can carry such a great conversation and always seems so excited!  Lanie is the only one in their family who hasn't been sick in the last week.  The girls had a 24 hour bug, but Bob had a full blown case of the flu and was very sick.  He still has little energy!

When Ken returned he made a salad for lunch and then started working on the computer checking bills and any other details that needed attention.  I continued cleaning and got everything scoured, dusted, and vacuumed.  Not my favorite chore by a long shot, but it is done!!!

Ken took a nap while I started the blog and then got out my supplies for making jewelry.  We made salads for dinner and then went for a short walk.  When we returned Ken put onions and peppers on the grill as well as a chicken breast.  We ate our delicious salads and then Ken left for Celebrate Recovery at the church in Cape Coral.  I cleaned up and made jewelry.  Reggie and Paul stopped by for she wanted to purchase 2 sets of jewelry for gifts when they go back to Michigan.  We had a nice visit.  I wached some of Survivor and continued making jewelry.  

Ken was back around 9:45 and after some talking we called it a day.  Looking forward to kayaking with Ernie and Noela tomorrow!

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