Monday, February 8, 2016

The Beautiful Weather Day was a Surprise!

Ken went to the LR early and after looking at the weather for today texted Melissa at 6:15 that it looked like a great morning for playing pickleball. Originally they were predicting strong winds all day, but now they said the gusty winds would be in the afternoon.  She texted him back within 5 minutes that 8:30 would be fine. (The "ding" of Ken's message actually woke her!)

I woke at 7:45 (what is going on that I sleep so late?), did some devotions in bed, and then Ken informed me that we would be leaving for Pickleball in about 1/2 hour.  So, I quickly got ready!

We rode our bikes to the court and played from 8:30 to 10:30.  It was a perfect morning - lots of sunshine, hardly any wind, and it was close to 60 degrees.  We had some great points and long volleys.  The 4 of us always have a fun time playing together.

It is so hard for me to smile when I have a bandage on my lip.
I have to hold it in place by keeping my lips closed!

Back to Waldo to shower, change, and do some work on my blog.  At 12:30 the 4 of us got on our bikes and rode about 2 miles to the Low Key Tiki Hut for lunch.  It was warm enough to eat the delicious fish tacos and chicken skewers lunches on their deck along the water.  By the time we finished eating all of us were a bit chilled, for the winds had "really picked up".  We headed back to the CG stopping to check out 2 places where there are eagles nests.  Unfortunately we did not see any eagles.

Probably our favorite place to eat on Pine Island!

We are seated right on the dock!

This cement walking/bike path goes from one end of Pine Island
to the other - 17 miles one way!  There were several places on
the path where we had to go thru water.  There has been so
much rain lately!

Ready to turn into the campground!

We were back to the CG at 3:15 for a little rest and relaxation.  The RV Wash guy stopped by to give us a quote on what it would cost for him to wash and wax Waldo while we are here.  He does every part of the motorhome and does that waxing by hand.  We are planning to have him do that within the next 2 weeks.

I worked on my blog and then Melissa came over to ask for our input on an e-mail she was sending to Thousand Trails Customer Service asking them for a credit for the 13 days they had to pay for at Pine Island even though they won't be here.  Hopefully she can get some resolution on that issue.  She helped me understand the "workings" of our external backup drive and we were able to get the back-up started.

Ken and I had salads for dinner, cleaned up, and then spent the evening at Chuck and Melissa's playing Pinochle (W), Spades (W) and then Skip-Bo which the men won by 1 card.  It was a fun time.  Before the games started we spent about an hour talking about finances and what is happening with the market. Really not too much to talk about!!!!   I guess it is what it is!!!

We were back to Waldo by 10:30 and headed to bed.  It was another great day to celebrate life.  

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