Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Good-Bye to Venice For Now and Hello Pine Island!

Ken went to LR at 7 to read and meditate.  I woke at 7:20 and did devotions in bed before getting ready for our move to Pine Island today.  We had a light breakfast and while I was preparing for leaving Jamie called and we had a very nice chat.  Her kitchen will be completed by Friday except for the tile backsplash which we be finished by Tuesday.  She is so excited to be finished with this major project but so thankful for the beautiful outcome!

We left our campsite at 9:20 and hooked up the CRV, leaving the CG around 9:40.  Of course Chuck and Melissa drove by us waving at 9:30.  Those "stinkers" are always ahead of us!!!!

Cindy called and asked when we would arrive at Pine Island.  They have been there for one week.  We told her probably by 11.  I had several conversations with Josh from Encore regarding reservations for here in Florida for the winter of 2017 (you have to plan ahead).  He works so hard on our behave!  We are still not quite sure what we want to do, but leaning towards a 3 month stay at Harbor Lakes where Ernie and Neola stay.  We will make a decision by noontime Friday, before Josh is finished working for the week.  

When we were within 25 minutes of Pine Island Melissa called to ask where we were.  They had stopped for fuel at Pilot, but we did not need any.  We figured we were about 10 minutes behind them.  She called me back in about 15 minutes and said they were actually about 10 minutes behind us!  Wow!

When we arrived at the campground we were thrilled to discovered that we were beside each other and backed up to one of the small lakes.  We were greeted by fellow campers we see here every year - Coy and Betsy, Paul, and Ed.  Ed actually was rubbing my back for a little bit and I waited to turn around because I thought it was Ken - Surprise!!!

What a beautiful evening and a great view from our campsite!

We passed Cindy and John going to the pool when we were driving back to our sites.  Set-up went well both inside and out, but since we will be here for 3 weeks, we put out a few more things then we normally do.  Chuck and Melissa are only here until next Thursday, for they are spending some days at the Daytona Raceway with Chuck's uncle and his wife and then spending a week with his brother and wife at Lake Okeechobee!

We ate lunch and then Cindy and John stopped by and we had a nice visit.  They will be here for the next 2 weeks, so we will have a chance to spend some time together.  We went over to Chuck and Melissa's to discuss what they would like to do here since they only have 8 days.  So, we did some tentative planning.

We went back to Waldo and Ken took and short nap while I wrote in my diary and sent a few comments on Facebook.  The 4 of us took a walk around the CG stopping to chat with Neil and Nancy.  By the time we returned it was "grilling time".  We had some time to relax before going over to Chuck and Melissa's to play games at 7:30.  Well, it was the women's night to win both Skip-Bo and Pinochle.  Yeah!!!

Called it a night at 9:45 and plan to be on the pickleball court at 7:30.  Better get to bed quickly!!!!

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