Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Windy, Cool Day on Pine Island!

Ken was up early again and went to LR to read and watch the news.  I woke around 7:45, read and then started to prep for breakfast.  Ken cooked breakfast while I got ready.

After eating and cleaning up, I got a call from Noela.  They are going to 6 Mile Cypress not too far from Pine Island and wondered if we wanted to join them.  I said I would get back to her after talking to the "group".  Yesterday Melissa was not feeling 100% with a nagging cough, some aches and pains, and then last evening a fever of 100.7.  I called her this morning and she felt about the same as yesterday, so decided she would "lay low" today.  Also, they had an 11:00 AM conference call with their financial adviser so they weren't available this morning.

I called Noela and said we would pass for today, because I wanted to work on some jewelry for my craft show this Saturday.  We will plan to get together tomorrow and go to Manatee Park.  Hopefully Melissa will be feeling better and they can join us too.

Chuck stopped over to just chat before he had to return for their conference call.  I talked to Cindy and we may get together to play some cornhole later today.  I headed to the "center" of Pine Island to get some items at the Dollar General.  Got back to Waldo around 12:15 and Ken had been filling out forms to enter the Audubon Bird photo contest.

We spent time addressing Valentine Cards and gifts for our granddaughters and a card to my parents.  After we got the packages ready to mail we decided to walk to the Post Office about a mile from the CG.  It was a rather crazy weather day with lots of strong winds, some "spurts" of sunshine, and cool temperatures - in the upper 50's.

After we returned, Ken did some reading and then took a nap.  I spent time making some earrings for my craft show this Saturday here on the island.  We went over to Chuck and Melissa to see how she was feeling - a little better than last night but definitely not cured!  She is still doing a lot of coughing and feels achy.  She spent most of the morning and afternoon in bed just resting and reading! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her! 

Ken grilled burgers for dinner - chicken for me and salmon for him.  We had some delicious left over sauteed veggies with them.  Ken did some reading and meditating while I did more jewelry making and worked on this blog.

This was really a very "low key" day.  Looking forward to spending time with Ernie and Noela tomorrow and hopefully Melissa and Chuck will be joining us!

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