Saturday, February 13, 2016

Craft Show on Pine Island!

Ken went to the LR around 5:30 and did some reading.  I was up by 6 and we got ready to go to the craft show at the Lutheran Church here on Pine Island.  I have done this show the last 3 years and always have a good time!

We were at the church by 7:00 and it was sunny and beautiful, but only around 50 degrees.  There was also a lot of "dew" so most of the signs got rather "limp" and damp.  It was nice to be outside and since it was not hot nor very windy, we didn't put up the canopy.  Cindy had the space right next to me and I really enjoy spending the time with my sister.  It is a rather small show, but I was pleased with the amount of business we did for a 9 to 1 show.  Ken and John took an 1 1/2 hour walk to pass the time.
It is so nice to be beside each other at Craft Shows!

Cindy has such a nice display for her magnetic pins and

I was happy with our set-up and thrilled with the weather!

We were back to Waldo by 1:45 both a little tired and very hungry.  We made salads for lunch, did dishes, and then unloaded the car and put all the craft stuff, including the tables, canopy, etc. in their proper place.

Ken decided to stay back to read and take a nap and I headed to the pool, getting there around 3.  Cindy was already soaking up the rays.  I read and then left the pool at 4:30 because I was starting to get chilly since the winds had "picked up".

I took a shower and then decided to relax in bed to finish reading my book and maybe take a "short snooze"!  I awakened with a phone call from Nancy Savage - her mother died after only being sick since late afternoon on Thursday. Ken and I went over to give them our hugs and support and just listen. Earlier they had decided to leave Florida and head home on Sunday morning to be with her, so it was sad that Nancy didn't get to be there before her passing.  But, she had spoken to her via telephone, even though her mother couldn't respond.  They will be heading home on Sunday morning, leaving their truck and 5th wheel near Neil's mother's winter home in the Villages and even driving her car back to PA.  Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers will go with them.

We headed back to Waldo for a light supper and then went to John and Cindy's, where we practiced our music one more time for singing in Church tomorrow morning.  Then we played Up the River and 5 Crowns and the men were victorious both games.  We were back to Waldo by 10:15, did some reading, and then it was time to call it another great day!

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