Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Trip to Sanibel with Ernie and Noela!

Ken and I were awake at 3:15 AM because he heard something "dripping".  So, we both got up and listened to where we thought the sound was coming from. We determined it wasn't the shower, toilet, or bathroom sink.  Then we moved to the kitchen sink and refrigerator, but it didn't seem to be coming from either of them.  Back to bed, but we had trouble sleeping.  So, now Ken decided to check outside and sure enough, he found the dripping "culprit".  The park model next to us has metal awnings and water was dripping from the roof onto the awning, making a loud sound.  Hallelujah, we could go back to sleep.  It wasn't very hard for me, but Ken read for 1 1/2 hours.

We were up by 6:45, did some reading, and then I prepped for breakfast while Ken got ready.  Then as we often do, Ken finished breakfast and I got ready. Today we enjoyed flax pancakes with lots of fresh fruit. 

What a view from the window of Waldo.  Not bad, huh???? 

We got snacks, drinks, and extra clothes and shoes ready for our trip today to Sanibel.  We left the CG at 8:50 and drove off Pine Island to the Publix store, about 25 minutes away.  Ernie and Noela pulled in around 9:25 and we were so happy to see each other.  We loaded their bikes on our car rack and were on our way to Sanibel, which  is very close to Pine Island (about 2 miles by boat) but about 1 to 1 1/2 hours by car. Unfortunately when driving on and off of Sanibel, it is a "feat".  The traffic can be horrendous.  Going onto the island today was rather easy and quick.  We stopped at the Visitor's Center to get some brochures and a coupon for RC Otters where we planned to have lunch. 

Driving over the bridge to Sanibel Island looking out to the
Sanibel Lighthouse! 

We headed to Ding Darling Preserve, parked, and then got on our bikes to ride the 8 miles through the Preserve.  It is a 1 way road around and it is for cars, bikes and walkers.  This is about the 4th time we have done this ride and we always enjoy it.  Today was a bit different because there were less birds than usual and Ken was so disappointed that he didn't see any roseate spoonbills except the beautiful one on the sign.  2 people who work in the Preserve said they saw 13 of them earlier in the day when they were "fishing" looking for food.  Ken thinks they were just "pulling his leg"!  We did see lots of white pelicans and 1 alligator.

Tri-colored heron!

The preserve had lots of visitors today!

Can you spot the tree frogs????

Here is one up close and personal!

Now the beautiful photos of the white pelicans .......

Our one alligator "spotting" of the day!

A gorgeous boardwalk within the Preserve....

with many white mangrove trees.  These "nut"
like things grow on the tree and then the "bean"
comes out of the bottom.  When the beans fall to
the ground, you get more white mangrove trees!

Looks like an arch!

So sorry, Ken, that this was the only roseate spoonbill
we saw today!  So disappointing when Ken doesn't
see his favorite bird!

We finished our ride around 2:15 and headed to Captiva to have "lupper" at OC Otters, the place we always eat when on the Island.  We love being outside, listening to their live music, and eating the delicious food.  It really was a special lunch. 

A rather colorful building!

We were starved!  After all, it was 2:30 and a long time
since breakfast!

Really enjoy spending time with Ernie and Noela - great folks!

When we finished eating we walked a block to the beach and did a stroll along the water looking for shells.

The water was glistening!

Many small shells on this beach, especially cat paws!

The sidewalks from the beach back to the restaurant!  So pretty!

I think this a double hibiscus!

At 4:15 it was time to leave Captiva and start the drive back to Pine Island. When we got onto Periwinkle Way we got into so much traffic it was crazy!  It took us about an hour to go 7 miles with bumper to bumper traffic. Once we got onto the Causeway, driving went well.  You just needed a lot of patience!

Ken took this photo when we were leaving Captiva!

Ken took this photo out of our car's sun roof while we were
caught in traffic and not moving!

We stopped at Costco on the way back and then arriving at Publix close to 7. We went our separate ways and were at the CG by 7:20. We unloaded the CRV, put things away, and then watched American Idol while I worked on the blog.  Ken did some reading.  In bed by 10:00.  This was another day to Celebrate Life! 

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