Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Visit to the Shops of Matlacha!

There was a thunderstorm during the night that produced heavy rain and thunder, but by morning it was over and it was beautiful and sunny.  We were up by 7:45 and did some reading.  Then I had a nice phone conversation with my mother.

Ken made us eggs for breakfast while I got ready.  After eating and cleaning up, we discussed some additional things we would like to do before leaving Pine Island next Wednesday.  Ken went outside to drink his tea looking at the palm trees and lake while talking to his friend, Gary.   They had a nice, long chat.  I called Noela to see if they would like to come to Pine Island on Saturday and we could either rent kayaks or ride bike.  They were happy to do that, so we have a "date"!  Then I called Melissa to see how they are doing and especially if she was feeling better.  She starting improving on Sunday, but still doesn't feel quite back to normal.  The nagging cough just doesn't want to go away!  We talked about lots of things and we are looking forward to being back together in about a week in Venice!

Then I talked to Nancy Savage and they had a terrible drive back to PA - snow, ice, heavy rain, and fog.  They had left early Sunday morning and were just arriving at their son's home in PA around 11:00 AM today.  They had planned to get home Monday evening, but the weather just didn't cooperate.  Her mother's funeral will be this Friday, so we will continue to keep their family in our thoughts and prayers.

We ate lunch, cleaned up and then picked up Cindy at 1:00 to drive into Matlacha to go in and out of the shops.

Ken went too, but he went for a long walk and enjoyed sitting on a bench near the water. He also had fun taken photos of unique mailboxes as well as the colorful shops!

Here are numerous photos of the local mailboxes!

The old fishing shack shops are so colorful...

....as well as the housing!

This is Leoma Lovegrove's Gallery.  Ken and I renewed our
wedding vows here 6 years ago.  It is a very unique place
and many of her paintings are pictures of the Beatles or
lyrics from their songs!

These are the eyeglass frames you will usually see her wearing!

This is the screen she painted in her backyard that is the backdrop
to a stage.  We stood in front of that for the wedding vow
renewal.  At that time it was a painting of the Beatles!!

The backyard and boat launch at her gallery!  It is decorated
with many blue bottle "mushrooms"!

Ken did join us for some shopping near the end of our "spree".  Cindy bought a frog clock for Harvey and I found a nice broad rimmed hat to wear at the beach and when walking with 50 spf sun protection. (It was in my favorite shade of green!)  I also made a purchase for our 4 granddaughters.  Cindy and I enjoyed some great homemade black raspberry chip ice cream at Great Licks - Yum!

Ken had walked to the back of Matlacha's Community Park
where they have a boat launching area.

He got this great photo of a pelican...

...and this snowy egret enjoying lunch - shrimp!

We walked across the bridge to go to Bert's Gift House!  So much
traffic leaving and entering Matlacha!

How about my new hat????

Don't know what this bush or flower is called
but it certainly is beautiful!

This is the setting at the edge of the bridge.  They have a
small sandy beach where they sit in the sun and have campfires!

We were back to Waldo by 5:00 and I started working on the blog and downloading photos that Ken took today.  He made salads for dinner.  A lady who was at the craft show on Saturday had given me a shell that her grandson had found for her and asked if I would be willing to wire wrap it.  Certainly!  So, I had done that this morning and she stopped by to pick it up.  I was so excited that she was pleased with what I had done with the shell piece!

Ken grilled a salmon burger and I had a piece of chicken sausage with our salads.  We cleaned up and Cindy and John arrived from 7 to 9:30 to play games. The women won Pinochle and 5 Crowns - go ladies!  This is their last night on Pine Island.  They leave tomorrow morning for another Encore CG about 45 minutes from here.  We drive to Nokomis Beach tomorrow to spend time with Fred and Doloris from home.  We will have a great day!

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  1. Great picture of you in your hat. It's perfect for you!