Friday, February 12, 2016

A Day Spent on Pine Island!

Ken and I were tired and were not early risers today.  I only woke at 7:45, did some reading, and then started to get ready for the day.

We decided to have flax pancakes for breakfast with delicious fruit on top - fresh strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.  I topped it with whipped cream for a great finishing touch!

After breakfast and clean-up we got ready for our big move - we drove to the site next door.  The campground is full the month of February and even though we weren't overjoyed with our site (crowded and the hook-ups for our site and the neighboring one was on the front side of Waldo, not the back), there really wasn't any site to move to except for the one that had been Chuck and Melissa's.  The manager had stopped by and said he thought we should make the move to the larger site and the hoses and cords would then be behind Waldo.  We agreed, so we spent about 2 hours moving and setting up.  We really are much happier in this location.  I didn't like the "Beverly Hillbillies" look on our 1st site.  (I guess I am showing my age! Oh, well!)

Neil and Nancy stopped by and how I can feel for what she is going through. Both of her parents are at Masonic Homes in E-town, PA the same place where my parents reside.  She received word this morning that her mother has pneumonia and is on a downward spiral.  So hard to know what to do, especially since they live in their RV full-time and it is so cold to live in it in PA this time of year.  We did some chatting and they are going to wait a few days to see how her mother responds to medication.  Fortunately her sister and brother live near Masonic and can keep Nancy updated.  It  can be such a tough and emotional time!

After lunch, I headed to the pool.  This was the best weather day we have had since arriving in Florida.  It was sunny, not much breeze, and in the mid 70's. Cindy, Nancy, and I spent time chatting while in the pool, and then we did some reading.  Ken and John had gone for a long walk - 9,000 steps.  John joined us at the pool, but Ken showered and then did some work on the computer with bills, statements, etc.

I got back to Waldo at 4:15, showered, and made salads for dinner.  Ken grilled a piece of cod (thanks, Noela) and I had chicken.  After dishes, Ken left for his Celebrate Recovery meeting at a church in Cape Coral, about 35 minutes from the CG.  Cindy came by and we spent over an hour practicing the duet we will sing at church here in the CG on Sunday morning.  Went pretty well, even though we have to sing without accompaniment.  I also printed out some words to a song she is planning to sing at the Talent Show!

She left around 8:15 and I worked on signs for tomorrow's craft show and finished some Valentine candy trays I also made for the show.  It was a busy and productive evening.

Ken returned at 10, we chatted, and then headed to bed.  Tomorrow we have to be up at 6 to leave for the craft show at 6:45.

Today was a fun and rather relaxing day!

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