Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Fun Day for the 6 of Us!

Ken went to LR around 7 and listened to the news and then did some reading.  I woke at 7:30 and did some reading in bed!  What a nice way to start the morning.

We showered, made another flax pancake for breakfast, and did some clean-up. I called the dermatology office to ask if I still needed to cover my lip when eating.  NO!!!  I was so excited.  It makes eating so much easier.  

Chuck and Melissa came by at 10 and we walked to the office to talk to them about my package of sun protective clothing that is to arrive today.  They will see that I get it.  Then we took a short walk around the CG, stopping to say good-bye to Bill and Donna.  They will still be here when we return the last week of this month so we will have another chance to see each other!

The 4 of us left at 11:30 to go to Ernie and Noela's CG.  It was the 1st time that Chuck and Melissa were at Harbor Lakes.  What a nice reunion for the 6 of us. Ernie drove his truck so the 6 of us could ride together to Farlows on the Water for lunch, probably our favorite restaurant in this area.  It was another gorgeous, actually hot day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 80's.  We were able to eat on the outside covered patio and the food was delicious.  It was lots of fun for the 6 of us to have this time together.

It is so nice for all of us to be together!

What a group on the walkway at Farlows!

We left the restaurant and went back to the CG where we played shuffleboard, another game that we all enjoy.  It was a fun time.  The 4 of us left there around 5:15 so that we could eat dinner and begin getting ready for our departure tomorrow.  My package was at the door when we arrived - Yeah!!!! Ken did prep work outside while I got dinner ready and did the prep work inside.

The pool at Harbor Lakes CG!

This blue heron is seen almost everyday behind Ernie and
 Noela's campsite!

I called my mother and all is well with dad and her.  At 7:30 Chuck and Melissa arrived to play games.  It was the men's night to shine.  They won both Skip-Bo and Pinochle rather handily!  Don't worry, we will get them the next time!

I worked on the blog and downloaded photos.  Got to bed around 10:30.  We have had a fun time here at Rambler's Rest and all this area has to offer.  Now we go to Pine Island where my sister Cindy and her husband, John arrived last Wednesday.  It will be great to spend time with them and to back with Chuck and Melissa!


  1. Wow! What's with that full face beard on Chuckie???

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